Getting height at the crown where its silver...

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has been more challenging lately. The silver's texture seems somewhat different than the rest of my hair, so I am not getting the height at the crown I like. Anyone else? what works for you??


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    My hair on the crown tends to want to lie down more than perk up. I have short hair. I bought a pair of thinning shears, What I do if lift the top layer and thin the next layer a little making it shorter than the hair on top. The next thing I do is use my curling iron, all over. I then brush my hair and run my fingers through to loosen everything and the crown stays up for the whole day.
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    I plop, clip the top with claw clips, air dry for a bit, diffuse dry with head bent over, scrunch, done. It works for me no matter the length of my hair (or the amount of grey).
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