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I first came to this site in mid-January. Here it's nearly 2 months later. After a bumpy start, I can say I'm a CG/modified CG for about a month now. I occasionally use a sulfate, silicone-free shampoo, which I can actually do as a wavy girl.

I've watched my waves become consistent since I first started a no-shampoo routine. I would still love to have curls, and corkscrews at that, but I love that my waves are consistent. My canopy regularly sports some much more defined waves than before. It's no longer a flat sheet that causes people to think I have straight hair. It used to lack a great deal of definition. That has changed considerably now. Last week, someone even told me that my hair looked great, thinking it was a new hair do. She was so surprised to learn that the waves I was sportin' are my own. She thought they looked great!

At this point, AVG is working well for me. Plopping has been a winner for me from the start. I've taken that newly-gained confidence and started to experiment with letting my hair air-dry. I"m still figuring out proportions for me for using honey in my hair. Used after the shower, it gives some SERIOUS crunch that is not easily broken. The AVG can give some crunch as well, but that breaks easily. The honey doesn't, so I'll have to experiment with how to add it in the shower, and in what proportions.

While I still long for luscious curls, my waves are much prettier in their own right now. I'm so much more happier with them then I used to be.

So now, next stop is <gasp> a cut and color. I imagine I'll have to do some DT before the appt. which is next Tuesday. Suggestions, ladies?
fine, wavy hair with lazy waves. Sometimes lanky spiral curls underneath when the weath is very humid. My waves are capricious like me! Presently using Burt's Bees condish, FOTE AVG with honey or Mop Top gel.


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    Koukla72 wrote:
    That's so encouraging! I only started CG about 2 1/2 weeks ago, and it's still early enough that I have to wonder if any changes in my waves might not just be my imagination, or only the effects of a new product. God knows I've tried enough of them lately! :wink:

    I don't have any concrete suggestions for the DT, as I'm still trying to figure out which products work best for me too. I've been looking for no-'cone deep treatments with some protein for around coloring time, and have narrowed it down to [buylink=http://www.curlmart.com/Elucence-Extended-Moisture-Repair-Treatment-p-200.html?utm_source=naturallycurly.com&utm_medium=text-link&utm_content=curltalk-post-text&utm_campaign=elucence-extended-moisture-repair-treatment]Elucence Extended Moisture Repair Treatment[/buylink] or Curl Junkie Guava & Protein Deep Fix Conditioner, which both seem to get really good reviews. Maybe someone else can offer some insight into the differences between these two? Or suggest something different for both of us?

    Also, just a little bit of guano, but I have to say it's so weird for me to see any of your posts! My name is Katerina too, and it's such an unusual name that I do a double take whenever I read it here. Especially since we seem to have such similar hair types! :)

    Koukla, welcome to the boards. Thanks for your response!

    I had a very bumpy start with the routine, but I did want to really try it. I was actually quite discouraged the first 2 weeks or so. My first week my hair was one oily mess and it itched like crazy! The 2nd or 3rd week I learned I was doing too much co-washing.....I was co-washing something like every day, or every other day. Once I started to add the aloe vera gel ( AVG) to my hair daily, that is when I started to see results take shape. Some people see immediate results on the CG routine. Some don't see results until weeks later. I'm definitely part of the latter group, but it's been worth it.

    It looks like some people switch around during those first few weeks. I couldn't do that..............too much to track!

    Godspeed as you continue your journey with CG!
    fine, wavy hair with lazy waves. Sometimes lanky spiral curls underneath when the weath is very humid. My waves are capricious like me! Presently using Burt's Bees condish, FOTE AVG with honey or Mop Top gel.

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