Help a sista install her twists, please!

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The first few times I installed twists (I guess they could be considered senegalese twists) I used Kanekalon hair. It was all good and dandy until...

1) Even after wrapping my hair every night, the twists would slide out after only a few days. No bueno.

2) The frizz was unbelievable. They looked ratty and gross. I twisted them tightly and everything!

3) I have no idea how to properly gather the hair in equal sections so that each twist is exactly the same size. Cuz the hair comes in a giant bundle of individual strands. How do you ladies know exactly how much hair to use each time?

Thanks for any help y'all can give me!
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    Maybe this can help you. I have done Senegalese on my hair but I did only on my real hair. It was pretty easy to put in and look nice but was more rime consuming to take down tha two strand.
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    I know doing the invisible knot is the thing to do but I know my limitations. I braid in. The only thing I can say is pay attention to how much hair you grab from the bundle of loose hair and your head. If you start rushing then that's when you get different sizes. My first time doing yarn braids there were a few that were about to slide out but that was because I did not initially secure the yarn to my hair tightly enough. That could be the problem. Everything else not so sure about.
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