Straightening or blow drying?

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Which one causes more heat damage and split ends?


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    I think straightening is way worse than blow drying. If you accidentally touch your straightener you're gonna get burnt, but if you hold your hand in front of the blow dryer you'll be fine. And with the straightener, youre clamping heat directly onto your hair, but with the blow dryer the heat can escape into the air quickly. Just be careful to use a low blow dryer setting.

    When I started being gentler on my hair I threw out my straightener but kept my blow dryer:)
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    Depends: how hot the flat iron is, how fast you move it, how many passes, how hot you blow fry, if you keep the blow fryer moving, if you scrub and yank away with a bristly round brush or not. You can destroy your hair effectively with either in one session.
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    Definitely straightening!

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