Hello Fellow Curlies!

I've been transitioning for about three months, and it's been so amazing! My mom first relaxed my hair when I was in 3 rd grade, and I had good progress for a few years. High school hit, and then the shedding started! By the time I graduated, my hair was a *mess*. All different lengths, and my edges took an extended vacation.

It's time to get back to my roots!! I can't wait to chat with you lovely ladies!!


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    Hola curlies from the desert. I'm a long-term transitioner. It's taken four years to finally cut off the damaged, over-processed hair. My mother relaxed my sisters' and my hair for years just to tame it and keep the frizzies away. Mama did believe in deep conditioning and we only got one relaxer a year at the end of summer so our hair wasn't in bad shape overall. We just didn't know what to do with our curly hair so that it looked good. When I was about 13 I rebelled (it was the late 60s) and reversed the relaxer and wore my hair in its crazy naturalness. My parents did not approve. Eventually I started relaxing again but longed to rock my natural curls if I could just figure out how to keep the frizz at bay and bring out the best of the curl. Eventually I learned to cowash and that helped a bit as well as roller or rod sets.

    I did several big chops over the years, but when my hair started getting longer and wilder I'd hit the creamy crack to tame it. I mixed cones and Sebastian Grease on my flat ironed/hot curled hair and that worked pretty well against the crazy humidity, but I wanted my natural curls to shine and that meant giving up heat and chemicals. A friend turned me on to a Ouidad stylist and thought I finally had it made. Unfortunately, though she gave shape to the wildness, the curls themselves didn't last more than a couple of days. No product kept up entirely with the humidity of Houston, New Orleans or DC. Then four years ago I moved to the desert and decided it was time to finally embrace whatever my hair did.

    Not having an abundance of stores to shop down here and a few expensive failures from shopping online, I began making my own conditioner and butter. It's extremely dry here and while I had no frizzies, my hair still looked fried until I stumbled on the right combination of ingredients to keep it moisturized. My only complaint is that my hair takes f.o.r.e.v.e.r to dry. 4+ hours even here in the desert. What I'd love is a true wash and go that gets me out of the house quickly instead of waiting for my hair to dry. I truly envy friends with hair they can wash and walk out the door 10-15 minutes later. I just have to wash on a day I don't have to be anywhere. The bonus is that my curls last a week with proper care...pineapple at night and satin pillowcases. Took almost 57 years to learn to love my curls and how to take care of them. Better late than never.

    Looking forward to talking natural curl care with everyone.

    peace ~ zuzu
    APL - Type: 3b/a & 2c - Texture: Medium - Low porosity.
    Chemical-free since 2009. No 'poo, cowash once a week.
    Blowdryer/flat iron-free since summer 2013.

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