Benefits of Alternating Wrap Direction

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I was watching a video on YouTube in which someone was talking about maintaining straight hair and she said that she alternates the way she wraps her hair because if not, then the side that is constantly pulled will break or grow at a different rate because of the stress. I've heard similar things about alternating the side you part your hair on. Is it true?

I got side bangs a few years back and they fell over my right eyebrow so I parted my hair on the left. Prior to that, when my mom used to do my hair as a child, she's switch which side my part was on when she straightened it for me. I've been parting my hair on the left for years now and literally can't picture myself with the part on the opposing side. My hair parts naturally on the left side, as well. Because of the part and the fact that this was the way I was taught, I always wrap my hair to the right.

If the myths I heard are true then it would explain why left side of my head is shorter than the right--from the constant stress. But not only is the left side shorter, its also thicker than the right. Is the whole part/wrap variation ting true?


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    I guess it makes sense that the other side would suffer from breakage. Honestly, the main reason I alternated sides was to keep my hair from getting used to going one direction. Sometimes when I would try a style, my hair would automatically fall to the side it was used to, making it difficult to style my hair other ways. I would try wrapping it the other direction so that it will be flexible instead of "trained".
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    For me, I did it because the side I would mostly wrap on the side of my hair would thin out. Now it's happening on the side I sleep on. Now I'm sleeping on my back to fix that.
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    I never alternate the way that I wrap and my hair grows in the same on both sides.

    I do think it is good to switch up your part, but most of the time, I part on the same side.

    I see no reason why wrapping in the same direction would cause uneven hair growth, but everyone is different. I do switch it up by pin-curling or cross-wrapping sometimes.
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    When I learned wrapping in the Dominican Republic a "gazillion" years ago, lots of people were doing it while the hair was still damp after washing, they sat under a hood dryer on low heat and then after the hair seemed dry (on the surface) they'd switch the direction of the hair to completely dry the hair underneath AND get a smoother result. And although I rarely now wrap my hair and normally do it with my hair dry, I often reverse it because the hair seems to look better when I do it, simple as that. But it seems to me that doing it in both directions is better because it keeps things balanced IMO.
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    None of that stuff happens to me and wrap my hair in 1 direction

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