Hi Everyone :)

Hi everyone!

My name is Hima and I'm 22. I'm east Indian with 3a/3b hair, I believe? I've recently started doing the CG method. I've always embraced my curls though and kind of letting my hair do whatever it wants. I also switched because I've always had an itchy scalp/slight dandruff since as long as I can remember so I was hoping switching to more natural products would help with that. So far my scalp has been less crazy but after about 2 days it acts up so I have to wash it.

I'm still trying to look for styling products because my hair gets super frizzy and such since my hair is so short so I can't plop it at night. I have been looking through the forums for product recommendations and they've definitely been helpful. But if you all have recommendations for gels/mousses/etc I'd very much appreciate them. :) Anyway, thanks for reading the wall of text. And thanks to everyone in the forum for being super informative. :D
Type: In between 3A/3B I believe
Co-Wash: Trader Joe's TTT Conditioner
Low-poo: Aubrey Organics Blue Camomile Hydrating Shampoo
Clarifying: Trader Joe's TTT Shampoo

Styling: HETTM

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