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I have read some of the titles of the threads in this section and found them to be very depressing. I would like to say that IF you want to truly enjoy the remainder of your years... some of you need a major "attitude adjustment" about aging and your personal image...smh!

Personally, I wouldn't want to be any other age at this time in our world. What these youngsters see as relationships is pathetic, and their view of sex is even worst. Standards have slipped until they are practically non-existent, and people are publicly losing their minds while our society is entertained by it. I am thankful I have enough sense and clarity of thought to stay grounded in a world that is spirally out of control.

Next, I thank God for the wisdom I have acquired through all I have been through; for the maturity I possess, for the skills I have professionally, and in communication, and understanding people.

Next, I thank God that I have learned to laugh at myself and others and not to take most things too seriously. That I don't "sweat the small stuff" and most things are small stuff.

Next, I think God for the confidence I have in myself. I can say what I mean and mean what I say. I can get my point across and "check" a situation without being belligerent, abusive and/or cussing anyone out.

Next, I thank God for having style and grace. I do not have to show my entire body to be sexy because my sensuality comes from my style in dressing, the way I carry myself, the pep in my step, the smoothness in the way I move, the tilt of my head, my laughter and my intelligence.

I love being a woman, love the curves on my body and the curls in my hair and "that" eludes from my very "being" when I come around people. I love feeling sensuous and sexy. I love wearing soft fabrics, strappy shoes, perfume, make-up, having pedi/mani days, feeling the breeze on my skin and the sun my face. I love my body and the way it looks right now.

Some are attracted, some are impressed, and some can't stand me however "haters will hate" that is what they do! BOOM...LOL!

You are as old as you feel and I will be 59 years old next week...I feel GREAT! People think I am in my 40's and I get approached by men that are young enough to be my children...smh, [I thank them for the compliment and ask them if their father is single]...LOL!

I pray, study the Bible, exercise, dance, eat healthy [pescatarian], drink mostly water and a lot of it, take vitamins, and I am working on a degree. I have a "bucket list" and I am checking items off. I LIVE!

If you don't like something about yourself, then change it! You are at the age where you can live your dream or at least start working toward it.

What are you going to do for the QUALITY of the last part of your life?

Just a thought...
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    I decided long ago, that my current age is the best age for me, in the same way I decided wherever the Military moved me, that was going to be the best place for me to live at the time. Now, I do look back and say, living in San Angelo, Texas was not the best and I wouldn't go back, but at the time, it was ALL GOOD
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    Amen!! I'm all about change if you aren't satisfied with something in life. Some things are hard to change, but can be done - if I can do it anybody can!

    One positive thought can affect the rest of your day, so make it happen!

    I don't like negativity around me, it makes me a different person and I don't like that.

    Great thread!
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    I gladly belong to the 'happy to be what I am, where I am, who I am' club. I feel bad for those who are fighting age tooth and nail with all of their time, money, effort instead of enjoying their life in each stage.
    I just mosey on down the road enjoying each day.
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