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I have been using CG for one week now and the hair at my scalp is really gross. Is this normal in the beginning or am I doing something wrong? I was using Tresseme Natural conditioner as the cowash and leave in conditioner but I think that was too heavy for my 2B hair so this morning I cowashed with VO5 but it still feels disgusting. Any suggestions?


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    Hi, Welcome! Did you clarify with a clear sulfate shampoo with no silicones, before you started?

    If yes, are you really massaging your scalp when you clean?

    If yes, then it can be normal for your scalp to overproduce oil in the beginning, but it generally subsides.

    However, some people can't cowash exclusively and prefer to alternate cowashing with a low poo (shampoo without sulfates or silicones); some low poo and don't cowash at all.

    I would suggest, if you did clarify before starting, that you wait another week and see if it gets better. Otherwise, you may want to try a low poo and go that route. There's nothing wrong with that, and it is still considered part of the CG method.

    Good luck! :)
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    Sounds like you need to clarify, as you probably have some buildup going on.

    Do you have hard water?

    Cowashing doesn't work for everyone, and for some for only a limited amount of time before a [clarifying] shampoo is needed. My motto is - don't base how you treat your hair on one specific set of rules (ie. cowashing only), but by how your hair feels and what it needs.

    Modify your regime if need be. For example - I'm fine with cowashing for 1 or 2 washes, then I need to use a shampoo (either sulfate or sulfate free, depending on what type of buildup I have and what products I've used in addition). When I'm cowashing, I'm also using leave ins and stylers that are very light and don't have ingredients that build up - like butters, waxes, polyquats, etc.

    Also, what styling products are you using, if any? Some ingredients won't or have a hard time coming out with just cowashing.

    I find V05 to leave a little bit of a filmy feel on the hair. Suave Naturals is pretty common around here to cowash with (that's what I use).
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    Assuming you clarified before you started it may be your co-wash technique is off, or that you are not washing often enough to begin with, or applying your leave in conditioner too close to the roots.

    As far as technique goes: thoroughly rinse your hair so a decent amount of the old conditioner and styler are gone. Apply LOADS of your cleansing conditioner (I use way more than anyone in YouTube, these products are cheap). Massage until you get a light 'lather' instead if the product being slimy, if you don't get a lather apply either more water or more cleansing conditioner. Optional to leave the product to soak for a few minutes at this point. Rinse thoroughly with more massage until your roots are literally 'squeaky' clean - way longer than if you are just conditioning your hair. Repeat if necessary (I do after a heavy coconut oiling).
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    I want to start Co-Washing as well... Got the Curly Girl book and got the starter set of products, but I'm wondering... Do I need to use a sulfate shampoo or will any clarifying (even if it's sulfate-free) shampoo work?
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    If your whole line of products contained 'cones and you'd been using them for a while, yes, if not you may not really need that. In the past lots of people just jumped right in and buildup was rarely an issue, in fact, we all learned that some supposedly CG-friendly COs and gels could cause equally bad buildup.

    Myself, I'd just as soon do a DT with a cheap cholesterol CO or any other that contains mineral oil, which breaks down 'cones (while softening the hair!). But I wouldn't do that on colored hair because it also leaches out some of the pigment (which for some may actually be a good thing!).
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