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So I know I know I know the obvious answer is not to lighten your hair BUT can someone give me advice. Are there any CG safe products that help with making your highlights not look brassy?
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    Hmmmm I'm going by memory here, but Manic Panic has a colour called virgin snow that is lavender, that works like a "purple shampoo". It counteracts brassiness in blonde hair, I have used it to make my blonde less brassy so I could apply some other MP colour on it.

    You should read the ingredients, but you can find it on their website for sure. You can add a spoon of virgin snow to your conditioner/ products, too, to make it a regular treatment, but of course they need to be white/clear.

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    6 Tbsp cg conditioner
    1/2 tsp purple cool aid crystals
    mix well and apply to wet hair
    leave on for 2 or 3 minutes
    rinse well.:tongue1:
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    purple shampoos, (or sometimes called silver shampoos I think but don't hold me up on that) exist for this reason. Yellow and purple are on the opposite sides of the color wheel so they cancel each other out.
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    ^ Correct. There should be several purple low poo's. Most shampoos for color treated hair are sulfate free. I know Paul Mitchell has a good one but you'll have to double check for cones.
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    Shimmer Lights by Clairol is a purple conditioner for silver and blonde hair, it's cone free (I believe) and available at Sally's for about $11
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