How to soften new growth?

angeliees7angeliees7 Posts: 45Registered Users
im 3 months & 12 days into my transition, & when i wash my hair.. my roots get curly & its SO HARD to detangle.

1. tips on detangling transitioning hair?
2. tips to soften new growth?

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  • ChaklatChaklat Posts: 89Registered Users
    I'd advise using a liquid leave in, then applying a cream, and sealing with castor oil. Avoid using products with drying alcohol, and proteins if your protein sensitive.

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  • ChaklatChaklat Posts: 89Registered Users
    Also a good detangling leave in will work or you can make one. 1part conditioner(one with slip), 3 parts water, and a little oil. Put it into a spray bottle. Mix only enough to use in 1-2 weeks.

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  • scrillsscrills Posts: 6,700Registered Users
    Try detangling before you rinse out the conditioner or finger combing before using a regular comb. really, you have to start treating your natural hair differently. you can't comb it like you would permed hair

    good luck!
  • angeliees7angeliees7 Posts: 45Registered Users
    thanks you guys!

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