Does this sound like high porosity?

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I wanted to give SM curl enhancing smoothie one more try before kicking it to the curb for not really doing much and possibly over conditioning my hair.

Last night I low-poo'd with KCComeClean then heavy handedly slathered on the CES as a LI-- just for giggles and finished off with GF gel (the CG friendly one). Allowed my hair to air dry.

I went to bed with mostly dry hair and woke up this morning to hair that felt dried out and slightly wiry.

So I decided to do a dry time test. Cowashed, RO GVPCB, followed by some more CB as my LI. No other products were used and I set a stopwatch. At the 2.5 hour point my hair was almost dry with the middle layer feeling cold but not damp. By hour 3 everything was completely dry and I can feel little frizzies when I lightly run my hands over my hair.

I have no large mirror today due to construction so I can't see the back of my hair which is why today was a great day to do my little expiement.

From my reading this sounds like high porosity but I'm still a newbie so I wanted to check.
2C waves with a little 3A thrown in for fun, medium density, on the course side hair (IMO--will have stylist confirm at some point.) Still trying to work on porosity- have characteristics of both high and low :thumbdown:

Polyquats are terrible. I seems to be able to tolerate butters and oils in the most sparing amounts as long as I low-poo frequently.


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    If you are to compare porosity by how your hair dries, I would suggest actually trying with your naked hair. I only say that because when you put products on top of your hair, that can vary how fast and slow it will dry. Also, take a single strand of hair, rub your fingers over the strand, going from bottom to top. If you feel bumps, most likely high porosity. With these methods, it should definitely help figure out porosity.

    You can also opt for a hair analysis if you want that is an option (I didn't do it, but I am just offering the idea just in case).

    Despite all this, it sounds like you might. But try naked hair and update us as soon as possible! HTH
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    I don't think any of those tests are really all that reliable. I thought I was high porosity, because it was a bit rough sliding my fingers down my hairs, and my hair dried in about an hour without product in. I did one of those hair analysis things and it came back that I had low porosity hair. Which made sense, because I was never able to put much product on my hair without it feeling gunky and getting flat. I think the only way to be sure is to have your hair analyzed. There's Live Curly Live Free, Goosefootprints on Etsy, and Komaza Care does it as well.
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