Color oops anyone?

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Hi everyone

I've been dying my hair black for as long as I can remember but I haven't dyed it in over a year. Natural color is a dark brown. I can see my natural color at the roots but I'm very impatient... Was wondering if anyone has tried this and what your results were?

Was it damaging? Did you have to dye it right after? I read it can make it brassy.



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    I tried this once when I dyed my hair black. It definitely dried my hair out, but luckily I don't dye my hair too often so with a little love, I was able to get it back to normal in a few days. I dyed my hair a dark brown (with reddish tints) a few days later and it turned out well.

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    I used a similar product from Sally's to remove my bright red hot dye so I could get a dark blonde. It works. I had to do it twice. It stinks like a perm but my hair wasn't damaged like it would have been with bleach. It wasn't its natural color but it was orangey (not brassy). I dyed it ash blonde after my hair dried & it looked pretty close to what I wanted.
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    I tried color oops in my hair last week to remove jet black hair dye to get it ombre. It didn't damage my hair, but like the person above me said, it does dry it out. I slept with a deep conditioner and it was fine!!! And the color after it was beautiful but it starts getting dark after a few days that's why I did the ombre which turned out into all over highlights. Also, don't dye it the first night because even if you grab the lightest blonde it will turn it black! Before you dye it buy the protein filler at sallys and watch your hair because it may darken way faster! Good luck!!!

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    I know this is an old topic, but I just wanted to throw in my experience with Color Oops. :)

    I've been dying my hair since I was 11 or 12, I'm naturally a dirty blonde but I've been platinum blonde, light brown, dark brown, burgundy, bright red (as you can see in my avatar).
    I last dyed my hair in March, so I've had about two inches of new growth, as my roots were growing in and the red started fading, I realized I was sick of the red but my only options seemed to be bleaching or going darker, both which I didn't want to do.

    I did some research and discovered Color Oops. At first, I thought "remove dye? yeah right" or "it'll probably turn my hair pink", but after reading and watching literally hundreds of reviews for Color Oops, I decided to give it a try. I picked up the "extra strength" at Target for 10 dollars.

    Enclosed in the box is bottle 1 and bottle 2 (bottle 1 gets poured into bottle 2), instructions folded up with gloves, and a shower cap. As soon as I opened the bottles, the smell of rotten eggs hit me like a ton of bricks. I quickly went to work on saturating my hair with the color oops, as I was applying the color oops I noticed it has a very thin consistency which was a bit messy..

    I wasn't sure if my sulfate-free shampoo would have the same results as a "regular" shampoo so I ended up using the "regular" shampoo and washed my hair for 20 minutes straight as advised.
    My hair is still damp as I write this, but I can happily say the red is GONE. Yes, my hair is "brassy" now, but if I decide I don't like the color once it dries I can simply dye over it with ash blonde.

    The color oops itself didn't really damage my hair or dry it out as far as I noticed - The sulfate shampoo I washed my hair with was far more drying than the actual color oops.

    All in all, impressed with Color Oops, my only complaint is that my hair still smells like rotten eggs.
    3B, but dealing with years worth of heat/chemical damage.

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