What Advice Would You Give A Hair Care Line?

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My friend is starting her own hair care line and is both
>:blob4: and

So since every one their mama and grandma has a product line their pushing I was wondering what YOU all would recommend (advice) for someone starting their own product line?

Also, what is something that would make a product line stand out to you?

Just some basic dos and donts and miscellaneous advice. I've pointed her to some catastrophies and successes so she can learn from other businesses mistakes, but a lot of time its good to have the opinions of your target clientele.....so come on ladies...let have! :hippy2:


  • adthomasadthomas Registered Users Posts: 5,525 Curl Neophyte
    For one thing make her containers user friendly for the type of product it is. I don't like pumps for shampoos or rinse out conditioner. Takes way too long. I also don't like scooping out any product I will likely use in the shower.

    Not everyone is CG like me but I think it is good to have a few silicone free options.

    Keep the fragrance light. Everyone has different taste but as long as it's not strong most people should find it bearable. I have thrown out or returned stuff because the smell gave me a headache.

    Since most naturals are caught up on hair type I realize she will likely have to label it as for type whatever hair. But I think adding for fine, medium, coarse is helpful. I have mostly 4 but my hair is fine and I get buildup easily so I have to shampoo weekly. I have noticed most stuff marketed for 4s is heavy so I usually ignore that and look more at the consistancy. Maybe she could describe the consistancy on the website or packaging so people like me won't open suff up in Sally's to smell it and see how thick it is. :toothy10:
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    I agree with what adthomas said about labeling hair products.

    Lots of the stuff aimed at 4s and even stuff that describes how 4s should use it, really doesn't work as not everyone who is type 4 needs heavy stuff.

    She should also make sure her product ingredients are on her website. It's actually a real selling point if I can look at a website and find the ingredients of a product. Some resellers of products will list product ingredients if the manufacturer doesn't - so she isn't revealing trade secrets.

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