Deadlifts = wider waist?

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Hi Ladies!

I've been trying to research this and I'm coming up short. I need to shake up my routine a bit and focus more on developing my hamstrings, and I was going to do deadlifts, but my boyfriend (who lifts weights) said that it would thicken my waist over time.

At what point (weight load) does this start to happen? I know lunges are great but I have knee troubles and can't do them too frequently.

I already do leg curls, leg extensions, light weight hack squats, and lunges.
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    I don't have an answer, but I've been doing quarter-dead lifts with 35-40 lbs for 2 years and no change to my waist. I don't think I engage my waist or abs at all doing these. Also, it might help to do side stretches, and really lengthen the waist muscles after the deadlifts.

    I also have knee issues, so far I can still do lunges (cautiously). I get good hamstring development from kickboxing kicks. I don't do any jumping kicks. Usually you use your hams when you're pulling back from the kick. And I had the best hamstrings ever back when I still biked a lot--from pulling up on the pedal.
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    Thank you for your reply, I appreciate it. Thanks for the suggestions, too! Good ideas....
    3c-like S-waves and random curls
    Fine density; medium & fine strands
    Naturally very dry and very frizzy
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    hey cottoncandy! i love to lift weights. i don't know the scientific answer to your question but i've never read or heard that they make your waist bigger but that would be interesting. i'm obsessed about things to make my waist smaller or appear smaller!

    perhaps you should post this question to one of the fitness fitness (i love them) or go to some of the fitness boards and post it...PLEASE let me know what you find out. again i'm certified through ace and i've never heard it but that doesn't mean it's not true.

    also for waist whittling exercises do pilates...i've noticed a difference! i teach pilates and it's great for toning your core and your waist. below are pilates exercises for a slimmer waist (the topic in one of my pilatesstyle magazines)....i also think i added 1-2 things i thought should be included...

    pilates exercises for a smaller waist:
    - corkscrew (6-8 times each direction)
    - tick-tock w/ straight leg (4-6 sets)
    - criss-cross (10 reps)
    - spine twist (4-6 sets)
    - side plank (3 times, holding 30-60 seconds or longer)
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