Salons for curly/wavy in Ottawa?

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With several haircuts to cry over under my belt (oh, the afro), I'm feeling it's time to get my curls to a state where I can look in the mirror without deciding never to look again.

The problem is, Ottawa's good salons seem to be few and far between, or at the very least none of them have reviews. I can't tell a good salon from a future box cut from the available reviews on the web, so:

Can any of you recommend a good salon for a wavy/curly girl in Ottawa? Preferably not an expensive one but I'll fork the bill if I have to. I just need the word from some other Ottawa curly girls about where to go.
2b-ish, depending on the day. Occasional forays into 3b territory.

Gave up on shampoo a while ago except for the biggest of messes (try cadet buns, those things don't come out if you do them right.)

Conditioner: Matrix Total Results Curl. My mum bought it once on one of her 'we might as well try' trips and I've found it's beautiful.

Canadian Curly. Unfortunately. I swear, there is no good season for curlies here. 1/2 of the year it's winter, then the other half it's humid. Yay.


  • gabriellehaze_gabriellehaze_ Registered Users Posts: 26
    I would love to know this as well! Us curlies in Montreal are suffering- there aren't any great places here either. But I would be willing to make the short trip to Ottawa for a cut.

    If you're willing to go over the boarder there is a Ouidad certified salon in Vermont (I think?). You can check on their website!
    Mostly 3B curl with some 3A and 3C mixed around. Super long, few inches away from the waist.

    Some kinking
    Normal elasticity (dry & wet)
    Low porosity at roots, normal/low mid-shaft, porous ends


    Shampoo: Live Clean Apple Cider clarifying shampoo, or L'Oreal Everstrong
    Conditioner: Garnier Fructisse Triple Nutrition
    Leave in: Garnier Fructisse Sleek and Shine
    Gel: homemade flaxseed gel
    Mousse: Got2B FatTastic Mousse

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