Anyone tried Madison Reed?

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I read the article on Naturally Curly about Madison Reed and I love the idea of hair color that isn't harsh but that still works. Anyone tried this? It's a little pricey (after using Sally products which are so affordable for us DIY gals) but I am going to try it.

And hope that 1. it covers the grey and 2. doesn't totally ruin my current color, which I like!

Would love to hear any reviews!!
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    I just read the article and I didn't see any evidence the product is not harsh: plus it says at the bottom "this article is sponsored by Madison Reed".

    A quick Google shows the company is brand new, the USP is that its a subscription service. Ammonia free is not gentler on hair, just on the nose. Alternative developers can be temperature sensitive and give uneven results. PPD free reduces the risk of a potentially life threatening (thankfully rare) allergic reaction, but such products often contain chemicals in the same family as alternatives anyway. You should always do a skin patch test even when you have used a product before.
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    I know this is an old post, but I thought I would share my experience in case you're still interested in trying Madison Reed.

    Last year I started using Henna Color Labs brown to go from a dirty blonde (very brassy actually) to a nice warm brown. I was happy with the results, but hated the messy application and fear that something would go wrong. I decided to try Madison Reed after a few months off from henna (so my roots had grown out quite a bit.)

    The process is amazingly easy and gentle. I have used harsh box dyes before, so I know how smelly they are and how they can sometimes sting the scalp. MR smells really nice and doesn't cause me any irritation. I even massage it into my scalp when I do my roots. The products that come with the dye are fantastic too- I will be purchasing a full size shampoo/condish when I run out of the small sized bottles that come in the kit.

    The colors come out very natural and shiny. However, they don't last very long for me- which could be caused by various reasons. One, I always get scared to leave the dye in too long- but I would suggest leaving it in longer than they recommend. Two, my roots are VERY blonde especially now in the summer- so they just don't take the color very well. Three, I wash my hair sometimes more than I should, but I workout a lot so I feel like I have to with the sweat. Sweat could also cause the color to fade.

    I do want to mention again: I used MR OVER henna and had no problems- that was something I was worried about and couldn't find any info on. I also use it in combination with a keratin treatment and have had no issues.

    The customer service at MR is the best I have ever experienced. You can chat with them live and they will answer any and all questions, even helping you choose a color. Once my package was stolen and they immediately shipped me another one free of charge. If you are interested in trying it out, chat with them and see what they have to say!

    I hope this helps! Good luck!
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    I have been using Madison Reed for the last 6 months and love it. It leaves my hair super soft and I love their color shades. My hair has some stubborn gray but this covers until the next apt at the beauty parlor. I would never go back to the drug store brand. Hope this helps!
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    Just had to post after reading others' reviews. I had terrible burning while using this product, which I had not had with drugstore brands. Do not think that just because it has a different formula it is non-irritating or safe. Would never use again.

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