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Hi everyone!

I used to be somewhat active on here a few years ago (as Ruchi Puchi, I think my name was), and then disappeared, so I thought I'd reintroduce myself and my hair.

Due to a strangely nomadic lifestyle the past few years, I sort of stopped being CG. I would go back to a modified CG routine occasionally for a few months at a time, but then I'd stop again. Sometimes I would flat-iron my hair (I'm sorry!!!), but for the most part, I did nothing and just put my hair up in a pony tail everyday (again, I'm sorry!). Some CG habits stuck though - I rarely used shampoo and mostly cowashed unless I felt like I had build up. Since the last time I was properly CG, my hair has changed drastically. I used to have a thick (iii) 3a canopy with an underlayer of 2c. My hair was frizzy and ate moisture for breakfast (like devoured it). In the past year, I've turned into 2a-2c. I mean, if I don't actively scrunch and use stylers, my hair will dry almost straight with a slight body wave (more of a pony tail dent). It's rarely frizzy, and almost always flat and greasy, even with no product. Conditioners that I used to love now weigh down my hair and make it stringy. My ends (just in the front) always feel tangled and straw-like, even though I've had several haircuts to chop those parts off. I assumed the heat damage and highlighting and such would have led to high porosity, but the float test (and the general way my hair behaves) tells me otherwise. Is that normal??

Anyway, I'm officially committing again to full CG and bought a whole bunch of products to start:

Cleanse - L'Oreal EverCreme Cleansing Conditioner (I've been using this and it works, but I hate the smell and I feel like I'm going to have buildup so I'm just trying to finish the bottle and then I plan to switch to the Eden cowash on CurlMart).
RO: Same or GVPCB for extra moisture
LI: KCKT (never tried this before)
DT: whatever I find in my fridge and pantry, bananas, avocados, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, almost always mixed with GVPCB because my hair can't get enough of that stuff. Eventually I'm going to get some CJ DT's.

The biggest problem I'm having right now is that my ends are perpetually dry and straight. The rest of my hair will curl fine after my routine, but the last inch or two are always, always straight and straw-like (I just got about 2 inches cut off a few days ago!). I also have random stringy bits that are resistant to curling in my canopy. I mostly look like a wet poodle most days. Wwhhhyyyy??

Any advice, curlies?


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    Also, my hair is coarse and medium (ii)

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