Natural Hair may not be for YOU...

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    So true. Natural hair is not for sissies. And she is dead on about the curl obsessed people. Like the ones who come on here complaining their hair is too afro looking when they want looser curls. I tell them either embrace their natural hair pattern for what it is or slap some creamy creamy on it and be happy and done with it. Nuff said. It's just that simple. I don't see any need to sugar coat. If other people want to sprinkle it with fairy dust and rainbows that's great. It seems to me some people come on here asking questions and they already have certain answers in mind they want to hear which is "this magic product will turn your 4c to 3c". When they don't get the anwsers they want they either a) leave or b) keep "repeating" the question by creating more threads.
    And no I did not like that freaking "hype" comment. I was a total slap in the face. as the video pointed out most black women who weren't rised with natural hair spend a lot of time, money, tears, energy, trial and error figuring out what works for them. I know I did. And so did a lot of people on the forum. Like Sunshine said if someone doesn't want to put in the time or effort the natural hair may not be for you. I agree. My 2 cents.
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    +1 not everyone can take the heat. Some days, especially at the beginning feel like an uphill battle. I really think if you want to go natural, you need to have an open mind to trying everything. I always compare the natural hair battle to a marriage, if you want to grow old together you got to be willing to accept it as it is, and work with it during the toughest of times.
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    I liked this video. YOU have to be comfortable with your decision and not seek approval of others. I remember when I had my TWA I did not feel like I needed to wear HUGE earrings to feel confident. Many times I heard that as advice given and I thought I will wear huge earrings if I want to. I was not even that big into flowers (I still wore them occasionally). I wore them but not religiously. I was just ready to go natural and deal with my hair and accept it for what it was, which is unpredictable.
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    My mum and her friends' use to wear huge earrings in the 60s and 70s so as a result had stretched holes in their ears. I can only remember these women with large holes as I was born when my mum was in her 40s there as my sister remembers my mum being glammed up with the earrings.

    When I went natural people were telling me to always wear large earrings but I refused to because they aren't practical all the time and I want to be able to wear studs when I'm 60.

    In regards to hair accessories with a TWA - it's a nice idea but if like me you like hair dye you will spend a lot of time making sure things don't clash.

    Anyway being natural now is far easier than in 2000 if you have the right attitude yourself.

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