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I'm 14 and have been transiting for 10 moths as of January 20. For the past 6 moths I've been getting my hair professionally straightened. I've been doing this because my hair has become harder to style. For the first four months of my transition I rocked braid outs, and I loved it. Now it looks absolutely horrible when I try to do braid outs. When I'm not wearing my hair straight, it's either in a high or low bun or a ponytail with a cute headband. That doesn't look bad; it's actually quite cute. However, I want to wear by curly hair out! I'm thinking about big chopping over the summer in July at 16 months into my transition. When I big chop, I don't want to have heat damage. Does anyone have any tips or product recommendations that will moisturize my hair and make it look somewhat "presentable"? I want to try flexi rods or maybe bantu knot outs. I the bantu knots earlier into my transition, but I really didn't like them. I'll maybe try them when I wash my hair. Can anyone give my a routine for doing them? Also quick hairstyles? I have many activities-tennis, gymnastics, math team- that I do and I really never have time my hair because I also have schoolwork. Help Please! I'm really "in over my head"


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    Hey! Im also 14 and about 10 months post. I actually have begun doing braidouts recently but I never liked them on my hair initially. BUT if you still don't think braidouts will suit you... you can do twists outs and roll the ends of your hair, flexi rods (but they're hard to get the hang of),bantu knots (im not that big a fan either but i find they come out better on dry. lightly stretched hair), you can also do roller sets but i heard they're better when you have less new growth.. but if done properly they can give you a sleek straight look, oh and lastly finger coils but they take a lotta time.. for help you can look at this video

    Hope I helped!
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    I love Bantu knots & flexi rods. Both are cute.

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