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Does anyone have the New York City Ballet Complete Workout DVDs? I'm looking for something to use when I don't feel like working up a sweat but also don't want to sit on my butt with a pint of ice cream. I haven't been impressed with too many workout DVDs. Where do these rate on the lameness scale? I took a couple of dance classes in college, but no ballet, so would they be out of my league? Do the exercises require special equipment (barre, toe shoes)?
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    Hey Anthro, I have that workout on VHS (I bought it years ago, before we even had a dvd player). I'm not a dancer, but I have taken ballet classes on and off. I would say that if you have no ballet experience, this would be pretty easy to follow. It seems like you might have to get the hang of things at first (different positions and posture/placement and such), but after that, it would be a fair workout. I don't personally find it challenging enough. It's sort of akin to pilates or yoga for me--relaxing but not very strenuous. I prefer a workout that's more aerobic; if my heart rate isn't up and I'm not sweating, it doesn't feel worth it to me! This one definitely didn't do either of those things. So it depends on what you hope to get out of it.
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    Great. I'll put it on my wish list and see if the price goes down.
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