This is my new theme song...

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Get it!!!

Jaheim - Age Ain't A Factor [Official Video] - YouTube

Although I am not a cougar, [not into younger men], I do attract a lot of men younger than me.

Ladies, you are a young as you feel and if you feel "old" then do something about it..."bring sexy back"...Ha!
My hair is "exotic, beautiful and free",,,yeah, that be ME!!!
3B/C - Easy to straighten, [no heat ever/no protect. styling].

Low Porosity/Medium Density
Mid Width/BSL-stretched/
BC - 12/2012

I am a "Co-Wash/Finger Comb Lady!
Scalp Cleanser - SM ABS Purification Hair Masque
Co-wash - Tresemme Naturals
Hydration - SM CH
Curl & Style Milk
LOC - Organic Coconut Oil
Styler - SM CH Curl Smoothie
Deep Cond. - SM Yucca & Plantain Masque

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