Trying A Shampoo Free Method

I have been using Deva Curl No Poo and One Condition for a couple of years now. Use their gel too. I am in the process of growing out my gray and it looks terrible (to me anyway) even tho I only have about ½" roots. But today I notice that the dyed hair looks really dull. I usually have very shiny hair even tho I have been coloring. Since new to this forum I am learning about only using the No Poo about once a week and co washing on other days that I want to.

Does this dull look sound like I need to clarify or is it maybe just the contrast from my mostly white hair at the roots? And if I clarify with sulfate shampoo, will that set me back in my No Poo method that helps me eliminate frizz?

ETA - Sorry, I was replying to the Clarifying post, don't know how I got a new post out of my reply.
3a, med porous, low density
Poo: Have to admit I have recently become a Wen convert. Love it. I have always had problems with my hair "hanging" right, curling uniformly and destorting the perimeter line. Wen makes it hang evenly.

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