What is your greatest challenge...

MyrnaMyrna Posts: 2,332Registered Users Curl Neophyte
in deciding to go gray?

I think mine is the eventuality of looking at myself in a window or mirror and seeing Myrna White Cloud instead of Myrna Brown Curls.


  • RustinaRustina Posts: 894Registered Users
    Mine was knowing that I would no longer look younger than I am. With a head full of salt and pepper, the jig is up! But I decided I really didn't give a rat's patootie about that. The challenge now is to rock the gray and be a role model to other women who are afraid to take the plunge. I want to be stylishly gray, as much as possible. I've had a few friends say to me that if they thought their gray would look like mine, they'd quit coloring. I don't think mine is all that special, but if it gets them thinking about it, I'm cool.
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    Myrna exactly! When I had my white hair I would see my reflection in a mirror and do a double take, who IS that woman? It took a long while to recognize myself.
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    I guess right this minute, my challenge is deciding HOW to transition, I really don't want to cut my hair, I finally after 40 years grew my hair to longer than pixie length, right now it's between chin and collar length and I'm loving it. At this length it curly!!
    So, what is the best way to transition????
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    I was lucky and didn't have too many challenges. The hardest part was covering the skunk stripe for a few months til it blended in with my dark hair more. Chopping it off into a chin length bob and using Roux Fanciful temporary color was a big help.
    Other than that, it was easy. I never had as many compliments with my dark hair as I get with my grey hair. Constant compliments.
    The only people who have ever expressed any negativity were some family members and a couple friends. It makes THEM feel old. Too bad so sad. : )
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    I think the hardest thing for me right now is that I'm not sure if I have enough gray to make a strong enough statement. Right now I get my hair highlighted every 4 months or so. I only get highlights, no lowlights. It does a good job of blending in the grays with my natural shade of dark blonde/light brown. I suppose I could put off my highlight appt for an additional month or two and see what the growth looks like.
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    WavyMaur, I found for myself that there was no "best" way to transition, and that most women just stop and deal with it the best we can. It is possible to get a headful of highlights, but highlights are bleach, and damaging, ie, more frizz (I did have a few initially but they were mostly invisible); and, I do not like myself with blond hair, I dont have the coloring for a blond. I think many women use headbands and scarfs. I dont plan to cut my hair for a while; Ill see how it goes. I do think it is possible to look youthful and also be silver.
  • CasslrCasslr Posts: 34Registered Users
    My greatest challenge is dealing with it at such a young age - people look at it like it's such a horrible thing! It's inevitable and natural. I'm hoping in 20 years it'll be more common than it is these days and I won't have to defend my choice not to hide it. My hair is probably the healthiest it has been in years since I stopped coloring and went CG, so I have no shame about it :-D
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    I think the challenge is psychological. Will everyone think I'm old? AM I old? Will it change how people treat me? Will it look ok? I see all these beautiful women, but also they are beautiful to start with. I look at myself and I still look like me, like I always have but will this be so with grey hair? Will I still have wave? I just discovered my wave. I love my wave. What will happen? And of course....will I hate it and fail and have to color again? Will my hair be too thin? What will happen???? (This seems to be the eternal question after every doubt I raise.)

    OTOH, I'm a little excited. I love the idea of A LOT of people I know deciding to follow if I pull it off well. I love the idea of one less thing to worry about. Maybe it will be GREAT. Maybe it will look GOOD. And a little bit of joy in saying "hey, this is who I am". But, vainly, mostly I want it to look good.
  • chloe92uschloe92us Posts: 1,203Registered Users
    My fear was not having enough gray for it to look good. My hair is very much like Rustina's and after seeing hers, I'm good with the amount of gray I have!

    I look forward to it changing over time and seeing all the "natural" highlights!
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    I agree, Chloe - I wish my head would just turn all white already! Sometimes I see more white, sometimes less - depends on how well it's clumping that day. (And I'm glad I could inspire!)
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  • SpiralliSpiralli Posts: 3,654Registered Users Curl Dabbler
    For me, the greatest challenge has been getting my hair to shine without the wet look. Oh, and reforming my opinion of myself when I look in the mirror and see a gray-haired lady looking back at me.
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  • CurlyInParadiseCurlyInParadise Posts: 137Registered Users
    As you can see, i am no where near transitioned. I did this a few years ago and got as far as 14 months of growth on medium length hair and then decided i was just too tired of looking washed out and caved into coloring again. But i am now retired and its just not worth it. Started out chopping quite short, not a pixie. It has grown just a little. I dont like it but i will live with it this time.

    Also wanted to say, i use just a very small amount of cornstarch on my scalp to hide my pink scalp that i dont like and it makes my hair growth look whiter. It is already white looking to most people but has a lot of dark strands. Anyway for those who desire the white you might try cornstarch. Not too much or you will get dull looking hair, For myself, i just use a qtip, dip in cornstarch and then touch the hair at scalp. Just a thought!

    ETA - tried to fix sideways pic but could not figure out, Sorry!
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    I've been getting gray hairs since I was 16 & I never dyed. Just wasn't my thing. So I had no problem making the decision & I've just been watching more silver strands come in as I get older. The challenge for me is simply learning how to care for all of my curly hair. AND I long for all silver hair... I'm tired of waiting.
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    smart decision. enjoy what you have now, it will be silver before you know it! LOL!

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  • SilverWishSilverWish Posts: 10Registered Users
    I hope so! My aunts were all mostly silver by the time they were my age so I feel like I've hit a plateau.
    Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you nothing about.
  • chupiechupie Posts: 5,270Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Hmmm I will have to try that cornstarch thing. The pink part makes me a little nuts.
  • wavypenwavypen Posts: 253Registered Users
    So now that it's been a while since I dyed my hair, one thing that I like is that I have a silver streak on each side, I think that's kind of cool. One thing that is driving me absolutely bonkers is that except for those streaks the silvers are mixed into the hair salt & pepper style, and while it's still mostly pepper, it's noticeably lighter and I've always had dark brown almost black hair and now from a distance it looks not quite as light as medium brown, but less dark than it used to (close up you can tell it's dark brown with silvers mixed in) and I feel like that hair color is too light for me and looks weird.