3c-4a toddler terrified of hair-washing, product recs also

It's an ordeal; not just a "drama" thing. She is so traumatized that she's afraid to take baths in the bathroom; we have to put her in a tub in the living room.

I know it's only a phase she's going through; the instant the water touches the back of her hair, she immediately starts fighting and water gets into her eyes and ears. She doesn't understand that if she holds her head up, I can actually do a good job without getting face wet at all. I have a small flower-watering can with a long spout that would work very well and keep her face dry, if she'd let me. But it is just about impossible.

Has anybody tried any tricks that I could try?

About product recs--I like Sta-Sof-Fro but I HATE the smell and the "tacky" feeling it leaves on her hair. Can anybody recommend products that won't leave behind so much residue? My hands get oily and dirty when I style her hair.

1) detangler,
2) maybe a light sheen spray like the Sta-Sof-Fro,
3) some sort of moisturizing cream

I like to keep the above on hand for her, but I don't always use them simultaneously. Any recommendations of these types of products would be greatly appreciated. I've pretty much got the shampoo/conditioner stuff already.

I could do so much more with her hair if she'd let me get it wet; I like to do conditioner rinses, oil treatments, stuff like that on our hair. Plus, she likes to engage in such genteel activities as rolling around and backstroking across the floor :roll: , that tends to get the head dirty :roll:

Thanks in advance! 8)


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    I can't recommend any products for your child's hair, but I can make a suggestion as to the water in the face. This is what I have used with my son to keep the water out of his eyes.

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    When I was little (about 4), my best friend's grandmother had us hold dry folded washcloths over our the top half of our faces so that our faces hardly got wet at all. That might be a little advanced for a traumatized 3-year-old.

    I remember that it felt good to have something I was doing to keep the water/soap out of my eyes, and not just relying on the skills of others.
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    Oh, I did the dry washcloth thing, too. It worked well, I didn't get water in my face.
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