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Hi everyone, I'm a newbie and I have 3a hair...that it when I'm not pulling it out of my head. It's a form of OCD called Trichotillomania.

I recently got extensions n order to stop myself from pulling, but now I'm pulling on the extensions.

Does anyone have any hints, clues, help to offer?


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    do you think you could start twirling it instead of pulling it out?
    Or maybe you could put clips in it you could play with instead of pulling.

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    I am not an expert, I'm just a mom with a daughter who has struggled with this problem. Thankfully the pulling hadn't become deeply ingrained when we realized it was happening. So these are just some thoughts that have helped us deal with trich.
    If you haven't educated yourself about trich, then start reading all that you can about it. In a way, pulling can be a nervous habit out of control. The first step is to realize that you ARE pulling since sometimes it can be done without even realizing it until later. Then think about when and where you pull. Some people pull while watching TV or reading. Do you pull when you get upset or feel stressed? Once you figure out the things that seem to set up the opportunity for pulling, then you need to find something else to do with your hands to replace the tendency to pull your hair. And it's important to replace the thoughts that lead to pulling, too. Some people knit, crochet, fiddle with a paper clip, rub a piece of satin, write in a journal, pull weeds, clean the bathroom, draw, etc. when they feel the urge to pull. It's also good to be accountable to someone who wants to help. Often just knowing that you will have to confess to someone helps reduce the urge. Like other destructive habits, secrecy only feeds the habit. If you are religious, prayer and meditation on God's Word can have a powerful impact in overcoming trich.
    I encourage you to follow some of these suggestions and in time you may be able to stop pulling completely.
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    I don't know alot about it either but I have some ideas that might help

    replacing the habit with something else.

    Keep your hair up or wear a hat, to make it more dificult to get too.

    And reward yourself for improvement, like treating yourself to a visit at a nice salon.
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    My youngest daughter is having this same problem since we cut her hair is it a mental condition?
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    My beautiful sister has this. When she is seeing her doctor she is much better. People with OCD should get help and never suffer alone. She has finally been able to grow her hair in on the crown and she got her hair cut how she wanted it!!

    We all have different struggles in our lives. I'm so glad we can talk about them!
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    Oh man, I went through this for about a year when I was 10 due to depression and anxiety. That is the underlying cause, so to help your hair I would first of all recommend therapy. It's very difficult to stop addictive behaviors like this if you are under stress and having emotional behaviors. Therapy is great (if you have a good therapist - keep on trying til you find one you like!), everyone can benefit from it.. meds can also help.

    I was noticably balding by the time anyone noticed. I hadn't even been thinking much about it, but once I did I realized that I didn't want to pull my hair out! I told myself this every day, and every time I pulled out a hair. Eventually I convinced myself it was not what I wanted to do.. and I stopped for good. I have never had problems with it since.
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    this thread made me think of this for some reason
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    Keep getting the extensions; better that you pull on them. I think trich is a form of autohypnosis or dissociation. I pull out hair on another part of my body, and often am only semi-aware of it.
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    The only thing I can suggest is to go get help.

    My girlfriend has OCD and her sister has Trichotillomania, only with her eyelashes, not her hair. Both of them see a therapist on a regular basis and are both learning to live with their diseases. Currently its not cure-able, but defiantly treatable.
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    elliemeenk wrote: »
    People with OCD should get help and never suffer alone.
    my husband would be quick to tell you that people with OCD never suffer alone lmao

    (also, the proper name is 'CDO'... it's just like OCD, but with the letters in alphabetical order, as they should be. :laughing6:)
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    I have OCD and I find myself going through this, as well. I don't even notice when I am doing it. However, sometimes I catch myself studying the hair that I have pulled out. My hair is rather long, so I pull it back a bit or I wear hair pieces.
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    I do this with my eyelashes, eyebrows and hair sometimes. I usually notice when I'm doing it and I stop. My cause is boredom more than anything. I notice that I do it when I'm at work (not working) or I'm on because I'm not working and stalking the forums! lol. It used to be worse when I had relaxed hair because my hair would break more easily. I can't do that with my natural hair because it's much more healthier and just won't really pull out, but the tension is just as bad. If you can make a conscious effort to recognize that you're doing it and to tell yourself that you may need to calm down and concentrate on something else, that may help you.
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    I have OCD too..It materialised in my pre-teens and since then i got help and its in control now. I mean its there but it doesnt interfere with my life.
    I had a skin picking habit but i learnt to occupy myself to stop the habit.
    You have to keep an eye on yourself and stop when you recognize what youre doing is harmful.
    Just pick up an interesting book or come online..Do something constructive whenever you get the hair pulling urge.
    And dont feel like you're alone ok.
  • stormstorm Registered Users Posts: 204 Curl Neophyte
    elliemeenk wrote: »
    People with OCD should get help and never suffer alone.
    my husband would be quick to tell you that people with OCD never suffer alone lmao

    (also, the proper name is 'CDO'... it's just like OCD, but with the letters in alphabetical order, as they should be. :laughing6:)

    Celtic Goddess!! you do the alphabetical arrangement too? do you find yourself unconciously picking random words and matching their letters or sounds..? i do.
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    Well, I had this problem, and it seems to have been cured. It was never really an OCD thing, but rather pulling those odd hairs that have weird curl patterns( really bent and kinked) and it was because those hairs were coarse and I could see them sticking out. But the problem is 99% gone, I don't even think about it.
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    I've unfortunately have had this problem lately too. It started out as playing with course damaged hairs and now I catch myself doing it when I'm stressed out and anxious. As others were saying, seems like the best solution is to get at the root of the problem (anxiety/depression) and start noticing more when you're doing it. The action distracts me from feeling my emotional pain so it happens less when I'm feeling happier. What scares me is passing these habits to a little one who catch me doing it, especially since she seems very anxious at times. So definitely good time to get happier, its a process.
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    And I still do. I was 12 when I began pulling it out and my hair was down to the middle of my back and GORGEOUS.. within 2 years I had none and shaved my head. My hair was short (think less than an inch) and patchy for years, up until I was about age 20. I was aware of the problem (obviously) but struggled with 'fixing' it.

    I still have problems with it but I know my triggers.. like reading, or when I'm VERY tired and watching TV, or bored. I took up knitting to keep my hands busy, that helped a lot.. I could watch TV or whatever but my hands were already busy.

    At 20 I just let it grow, and the longer it got the more I left it alone.. but I do still have some spots where the hair doesn't like to grow (thankfully I have extremely thick hair). I went through years of therapy, changed my diet several times, but eventually it came down to being very very aware of what I'm doing with my hands.. I was even to the point that I did it in my sleep, and slept with socks or gloves on.

    Anyway, I'm 25 now and I have beautiful curly hair just passed my shoulders, and you can't tell where I have spots that are missing hair :) Its a struggle but with some patience and therapy you can overcome it!

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