My hair is a diva!

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Hey everybody, so I tried to twist my hair and my hair curled up then I tried to braid it ...curled up again. I was not feeling the cornrow look because its still pretty short. So the only thing that I could do with it was put it in bantu knots. Before I did the big chop I don't feel like my curls popped this much like that time I transitioned. Anywayyy I decided to start styling my own hair because going to the salon was too expensive and they are imbeciles. They have the nerve to call themselves professional and they broke my hair off so I had to get it trimmed. What kind of cruel evil person would not moisturize my hair then comb the life out of it?? Sick vile people who don't know how to treat natural hair!


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    That seems to be a common thing unfortunately. A lot of my friends with hair similar to yours have experienced it. For my hair most stylists have used a brush when dry and just ripped right through my hair. I never even knew until recently that was wrong (the stylist did it, I guess that means its fine).

    From what I have read stylists don't get a lot of work on curly hair. You have to go to special conferences and what not. So a lot of them treat it as straight fine hair and so forth. And even then, if they know how to cut/style curly hair. Most don't understand that all curly hair isn't the same :( and that each curly has different needs based on hair texture, curliness etc.

    What type of stylist did you go to? I have decided to go the strict route (from too many bad stylings and hair cuts) and I plan on asking for a portfolio before the stylist goes near my hair. I think this is reasonable especially if you are going to shell out lots of money. Otherwise specify you want someone who has worked with curly hair. I went to a nice place and spent a lot of money. And the woman was better than most...but still didn't understand how to cut my hair. Its a delicate process.
    New to accepting my curls :D
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    Any advice is greatly appriciated :afro:
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    I just don't think a large percentage of stylists know how to respect hair, regardless of curl pattern or condition.

    Many know little to nothing about product ingredients/ formulation, what is proven and what is not. They spend the best part of their day heat styling, applying damaging chemicals (permanent dyes, relaxers, keratin straightening, curly perms), and roughly detangling. All of which are damaging.

    I deliberately have a wet cut that I wash myself prior to hitting the salon so I don't have to deal with harsh irritating shampoos, insufficient conditioning, ripping a bristle brush through my weak waves until it is huge and dull looking then tutting at the 'condition', flat ironing on still damp hair (see that steam come off).

    I read many of the same complaints from straighties on forums like Long Hair Community.
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