Do I need More protein???

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Hey everyone!! I have a question about protein-which ones I should use and how often.
So, I have 3b-3c hair and my strands are very fine. I have low porosity as well. My hair is completely natural-no chemicals or dyes, and I don't use heat on it at all. I co-wash twice a week, and I pre-poo with coconut oil overnight. I have also started the LOC method to keep my hair moisturized. I used to detangle impatiently in the shower with a wide tooth comb, but have been finger detangling for a couple of weeks now, because I want to retain as much length as possible. I've noticed that I am not shedding as much, but I think my hair is breaking off because I noticed not just a few strands, but what seemed like a whole curl here and there. I read that because I don't use heat or chemicals, a light protein treatment once a month is best. Now I,m wondering if the breakage means I should use it more often? Maybe because my strands are fine I need something a little stronger? If anyone can give some advice and recommendations, it'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!



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    I was like you 4 months ago my hair was like a little bit weak .Well here's the thing i used to make it stronger . i tried the coconunt oil and egg method :D it really worked well with me . it made my hair stronger but not softer . it only affects in gaining proteins . I also heard from some people that coconut oil and avocado is nice too :) Hope I helped! But only use this method like every 4-6 months!or your hair might be dry or frizzy because of much proteins . oh oh and you could also do after this treatment a deep condition :D so the egg smell would go away . well no one likes an egg smell in hair :D
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    To me it doesnt sound like a bad idea to try a protein treatment. I have fine textured, low porosity hair too and I am currently in LOVE with iagirl's gelatin protein treatment. I've done it twice- once this month and once last month- so far but I just really love the effect it has. My curls seem curlier, less frizzy, and I swear very slightly thicker (I'm not completely convinced that this isnt a placebo effect). I use half the recipe bc my hair is above shoulder length, but iagirl also reccomends the half recipe for a more gentle treatment. I also have been following up with a deep treatment. It just needs unflavored gelatin, water, and drops of oil and apple cider vinegar. Her blog also lists additions- I just google iagirls protein treatment. It pops up in the results as sciencey hair blog.

    To give you some background: I've straightened my hair once in the last 15 months, have been strictly finger detangling for the last few weeks but really I comb detangled very infrequently before, and even when relaxed I was all about healthy hair practice. Now I'm learning more about my properties and why certain products do/didn't work for me.

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    I would try a protein treatment.

    If it doesn't work then avoid it.

    I tend to use normal conditioners with protein in it rather than protein deep conditioners as even when I dyed my hair I found they were too much for my fine stranded and low density hair.
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    Thanks for the help everyone. I really appreciate it!! I bought OGX keratin conditioning treatment at my local ULTA because it was on sale so I'm going to try it and see how it works. I really like the idea of homemade treatments because I know exactly what ingredients are in it so I will look for the recipes suggested:wink:
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    I also second the gelatin treatment as well.

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    I tried the iagirls protein treatment, and I'm not sure if it helped. My hair seemed to feel stronger after, though a little rough, so I deep conditioned. My hair is still either shedding or breaking off- I cant tell which. I don't have split ends, don't use chemicals or heat either. My strands are fine with low porosity, and I have 3B curls. I seem to lose whole curls, not just single strands, if that makes sense. Is that breakage or shedding? Also how many PT treatments until I should see a reduction in this? I also take vitamins regularly, including biotin. I need help figuring out what I'm doing wrong, or is it normal? I only cowash once a week, so maybe it's not so alarming to be losing hair when I do? Any suggestions? Thanks!!
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    Are there root bulbs on the lost hairs? If so they are shedding, if not breakage. If you are still unsure consider a hair analysis (Komaza Care, Goosefootprints on Etsy).

    Supplements do not substitute for a healthy balanced diet. Any regime should be tailored to the individual not randomly aimed at vanity/ aesthetics (hair). You should consider your diet, physical activity levels, age/ gender, health issues, medication etc and use supplements to plug any unavoidable gaps. Micronutrients work synergistically and in opposition, you can do more harm than good upsetting the delicate balance needed for health.
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    I will do the hair analysis, thanks. I do eat healthy and exercise regularly, and I have no health issues. I also believe in taking care of the whole person, so I understand what your saying. In my case, I would safely assume that it is my haircare routine because I do not neglect to take care of my health.

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