Had to chop my hair off (pics) over matted knot!

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I recently chopped all my hair off (l) after wearing a long extension ponytail for about 2.5-3 wks. I have been natural since 02' & I toss in a ponytail a few times each year for a change, so I am just chalking this up as a freak accident! All I know is that it rained on my hair & dried in the Florida sun. A few days later when I took the ponytail out, I noticed a matted not across my crown about the size of a wide headband. I tried all weekend to get it out to no avail. I really felt frustrated, but in the end decided to just prepare to cut & color it & look at it as a "new look" for the "New Year"! Just out of curiousity, have any of you ever successfully gotten an extreme knot out?
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    I've known people who, with a LOT of patience, were able to finally untangle their dreads. But I know too many more people who weren't able to do that no matter how patient they were or how much they tried.

    Not that you had a dread, but it sounds really frustrating nonetheless and I would've probably handled it exactly the way you did if I had a matted knot.

    Your new length/style looks good on you :)
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    You have me scared now. I thought you'd be home free from getting tangled knots like that after being natural for so long. That's how I ended up doing my first big chop; I had my hair in braids and took them out and when I wet my hair I ended up with a big knot that wouldn't come out so I chopped all my hair off.
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    I say it depends on how extensive the matting is as to whether it's even worth it to try to get it out. My hair matted a few times when my relaxer was growing out. The first time or so I used oils and got it out. But as time went by the matting got worse are larger and by four months I was over it and started chopping. Later I had my mom just cut the rest to make it even.
    My aunt had the same thing when she had to go a stretch without a retouch but hers was less extensive. I told her to mix evoo and conditioner and let it sit a few hours to soften her hair then comb it out gently with wide tooth. Worked for her.
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    great new look and style. you look younger too :)
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    Your hair cut looks gorgeous on you and sorry that you had to cut it off. But for any ladies having problems with detangling or slight knots or matting try using Sta-so-fro Spray on the hair and let it soak into the hair for some minutes. I use this on my hair recently and it worked wonders for me, wish I had came across this product sooner.
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