Hey there! A little help trying to figure out my hair type?

MondegreenMondegreen Registered Users Posts: 1
Hi everyone! This is my first time being here. I've been trying to grow my hair out for a bit over a year, hoping to eventually grow long hair, and was curious about what my hair type is. I think it might be a 2c or 3a but I'm not very sure. What do you think?


  • CGSince2002CGSince2002 Banned Users Posts: 1,073
    I couldn't really enlarge the pics to see in detail but it looked to me that you're actually a 3B-C because I'm a 3A and our hair doesn't look alike (I do encourage more curl by drying with a diffuser). But you have pretty good curl pattern, you just need more definition, moisture and shine. Do you have a hair routine you already follow? If so, tell us in detail, including brands of all products used. :smile:

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