I got dealt some ish... (Need advice from 3's, 4's, 7 and 8's)

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Let me start by giving you a little info... I am natural. Thicky-thick hair. My hair is almost all 3c with 4a hair thrown in there with what i think to be 4b on my front edges and a patch directly in the middle of my head ( the hair there does not clump, extremely frizzy). My texture in parts are coarse, parts are fine. I'm a mess. But i don't care about that.... what really grinds my gears is my curl pattern. Within my 3c/4a hair I have the back of my head that has O shaped curls that spring and when wet are almost straight. BUT that is just in the back. The front and sides of my head are these weird S shaped curls (some are large, some are small) that look that a mini version of wavy hair. What ish is that? Every single hair thing i've read states that 3c hair is in a "corkscrew" shape.
So my question is. Am i doing something wrong moisture/ anything wise that causes my hair to not curl? Or am i stuck with two extremely different curl patterns on my dang head?
Honestly any input would help on this because styling is a motha, If a picture would help let me know.


  • lovebonitalovebonita Posts: 134Registered Users
    We're gonna need more information from you in order to help.

    -Do you heat style?
    -What products do you use?
    -How do you detangle?
    -How do you normally style your hair?
    -What are your hair properties (porosity, texture and density)?

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