Has anyone changed their name (not from marriage)?

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I'm strongly considering changing my name. I currently don't have a middle name, so I will be adding one (my grandmother's first name). I will also be changing my last name. My father changed his name in graduate school (his entire name), and I want to change my last name to his original one. Funny thing is that I'm also in grad school and I'm picking up the name he dropped. Anyway, has anyone ever changed their name for reasons other than marriage? I know it's going to be a pain in the butt changing all my papers and accounts and whatnot, but I figure it'll be easier now than doing it when I'm older and have many more things under my name. Just looking to get some thoughts from others :)
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    I considered it when I was a little younger. I was just going to combine my middle and first name so it'd be hyphened, in honour of my great aunt (who gave me my middle name). I ended up being too lazy though lol.
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    I legally changed my last name while in high school (to match my stepfathers last name). Of course at that point in my life, the only document I had to update was my social security card.
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    I did something similar with my surname in my early 20s, but I had no documents or accounts to worry about.