How long does it take for your curls to come back after blow drying?

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I was just wondering, after you guys do a blowout with a hair dryer, how long/how many washes does it take for your curls/coils to come back. Thanks.


  • SimplyTSimplyT Registered Users Posts: 33
    More often than not too my annoyance my hair can revert immediately ( and that is with high heat) and certainly after the first wash.

    I called myself purposely trying to heat damage my hair out of frustration. HA! my hair laughed at me
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  • itsKelCeeEeeitsKelCeeEee Registered Users Posts: 1,084 Curl Neophyte
    All it takes is one wash. My hair's really thick and resilient though. I've been to a salon where they had to open the doors to air out the place from the smoke of the blow dryer as they tried to blow out my hair LOL

    I rarely straighten so I don't worry too much about the heat.
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    I rarely blow out my hair but the last time some of when my hair didn't return immediated to my pattern. Freaked me a little. I thought I would only have to worry about pressing combs and flat irons. When I was relaxed I had severe heat damage and had to cut so I know my hair is sensitive to direct heat.
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    First wash. when I wet it, it's still straight for awhile, but it reverts as soon as the conditioner hits it.
  • fefe912fefe912 Registered Users Posts: 570
    Soon as I spray it with water or let water run over it it goes back curly. I use no or very little heat when blow drying my hair so never have an issue with that.
  • CcargoCcargo Registered Users Posts: 11
    Like immediately when I get in the shower lol

    I use my blow dryer on the lowest setting and cool after it's been 50% air dried
  • CurlyMia929CurlyMia929 Registered Users Posts: 5
    As soon as water touches it 😄
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    Gmo wrote: »
    I was just wondering, after you guys do a blowout with a hair dryer, how long/how many washes does it take for your curls/coils to come back. Thanks.

    I did two blow outs on high heat with heat protectants that did nothing to protect my hair and it reverted immediately after I got into the shower.
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