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I've been hearing a lot lately that in order to get growth oils are essential , especially the natural oils , and shampoos strip our hair of these . My hair is really dry so im thinking of only conditining , will this benefit or should I stick with both shampoos and conditioners ?

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    Even if you just conditioner wash you could end up with dry hair as it depends on your hair properties and the environment you live in plus the other products you use.

    You may simply need to use a leave-in conditioner after washing and conditioning on damp hair before using styling products.

    However it is recommended on this board to avoid drying shampoos which contain SLS.
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    I would reccomend to start co-washing (if you are not already doing that). Your head need to get used to not getting stripped a couple times a week (because of the shampoo) so in the beginning your hair may feel 'dirty' but after a while your hair will get used to it. May that not be the case, you could try a low-poo or sometimes co-wash and sometimes low-poo. If you don't use really heavy oils or just a big amout of oil, your hair will probably be okay with just conditioner washing.

    If you want to grow out your hair, I wouldn't say that everyone would necessarily use oils. Fine haired curlies and wavies for example can't always use oils because it weightes their hair down. People with medium-thicker hair and with a stronger curl pattern sometimes really need oils, but that just depends on your properties.

    If your hair is really dry, that could mean it is a good idea to seal the moisture in your hair with some oil after you put your leave-in conditioner in your hair. After that you put your styler in your hair. Also some very cry curlies have good results with the LOC method (you can find articles about that on this website), but I wouldn't reccommend that if your hair is easily weighted down.

    side note: keep in mind your hair has a protein-moisture balance. Some people need more moisture, some people need more proteïn, but most curlies need a little bit of both.
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