Clearing Out Members That Haven't Posted in X months/years

SpringcurlSpringcurl Registered Users Posts: 8,002
Have you thought about it? I was looking on the member list noticing there were people on there that have posted exactly 5 times in two years, etc.

Have you thought about somehow sending them an email asking them to respond if they want to continue to be members? Just a way to cull the herd a little, clear out user names, etc.

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  • MichelleMichelle Administrator Administrators Posts: 742 Administrator
    We do regularly purge de-activated members. But what we've discovered is that many of our members still actively look at the boards even if they don't post. So we have to be very careful about this.

  • blue_eyes998blue_eyes998 Registered Users Posts: 19
    I know that I go through spurts of inactivity and activity... perhaps a better solution would be to email people after a certain amount of time and ask if they are still interested in being a part of the site or not.

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  • GretchenGretchen Administrator Moderators Posts: 10,840 Curl Virtuoso
    I'm reguarly surprised at the number of times I get an email from someone who registered like 4 yrs ago and forgot her password but wants to get active again.

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