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So I'm 6 months natural, when I big chopped I completely shaved my head. I'm having a problem keeping my hair moisturized. While the crown and the back of my head gets moisturized easily, my sides are very coarse and even feel rough to the touch. They never seem to get moisturized. Has anyone got a similar problem or can anyone share some advice


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    What are your hair properties and what products are you using? Do you mean moisturised (moisture = water) or do you mean conditioned?

    Coarse or kinky hair doesn't necessarily feel as soft as other hair types, that can be the nature of the beast - use plenty of emollients (ingredients that confer softness, slip and shine) rather than obsessing about water content.
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    Flour sack towel, pixie diffuse or air dry.
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    I believe my hair is mostly 4a, with sprinkles of b, but I think my sides are 4c. I usually spritz with water and conditioner then seal with coconut oil followed by organics HAIRepair intense moisture creme.
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    I use Catu co wash and the cantu leave in conditioning repair cream. I mix castor oil and olive oil in the leave in conditioner. I had the same problem, but this regimen leaves my hair so soft, and defines my curls, or shall i say softens my z pattern. I think im a 4a/4b

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    Hey MzKinkyKoil, thank you for your response, I've tried finding cantu in my country (South Africa), no luck. Couldn't even get hold of eco styler gel. I'll try ordering it online :)
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    I kind of have this issue. My front hairline and my nape tend to become dry easily and won't absorb moisture. Actually all of my hair is prone to buildup so don't use cones but those areas are super prone to buildup so product amounts my other hair is okay with those parts don't like. The way I get around this is wetting that area then using a gentle poo bar to cleanse. I then "rinse" using a spray bottle and my finger to squeeze excess shampoo. I add li and seal and I'm good. I do this usually every other day even if I am not cowashing the rest of my hair. If this is the cause for you then Ecostyler is probably not your friend. That stuff gives me the worst buildup on my hairline. I avoid gels with PVP. Buildup is my #1 cause of dryness. Examine the ingredients in your products and whether your cleanser can adequately get it out.

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