Can you help me fine tune my finger combing technique?

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Okay, it's only been three days, so I know it will get easier in time, but I just have a few quick questions.

I have two daughters, one 3b, the other 3c/4a type hair. Both have at least shoulder length hair. Right now both hair is really dry because I was using a product that I thought was CG but I've since discovered it isn't. Both girls are having major issues with dryness right now. I bought some Deva Curl One conditioner and I'm using that with KKKT to detangle.

I did a quick test on my 3b daughter's hair this evening after her shower. I finger combed her entire hair and from start to finish it took almost 30 minutes. Even with that amount of time, I'm pretty sure I didn't get all of her hair but the oven was going off and I had to make dinner. Can I expect it to always take this long? When I used a comb/brush it took about 15 minutes. I just need to know from others about how long they spend finger combing daily?

Also, when it was all done I put in a low ponytail, (still damp) and wrapped her in a satin head scarf and she's gone to bed like that.
Should I plan on having to finger comb it daily? I guess I'm asking how people are able to accomplish second day or third day hair? Does it require braiding or twisting or something like that? I'm totally challenged when it comes to braiding.

So if you can let me know how long it takes on average to finger comb your hair and how long it lasts and how you did it, I'd greatly appreciate it.

BTW, I ran a brush over one half her head just see if I got all the knots out and left the other half alone. The finger combed only side had more defined curls with much less frizz, so I'm convinced it works, I just hoping for some help with my methodology.



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    It takes me about five minutes to do. You shouldn't really finger detangle unless your hair has conditioner in it, as your hair is very fragile when wet and prone to breakage and the slip conditioner provides means the knots 'fall out' easier and you don't have to tug as hard.

    I detangle if I pre-poo, so when my hair is coated in coconut oil. But that's just once a week. Normally I detangle in the shower with conditioner in.

    I take sections of my hair, coat them in conditioner, then rake my fingers through my hair and detangle. I do this all over, always sectioning my hair, and the whole process only takes around 5 minutes or so.

    You don't have to finger-detangle daily, there's no point with curly hair. Just do it on wash days.

    For second day hair pineapple at night, sleep on a silk pillow case or use a silk / satin bonnet, then in the morning take the hair down, give it a shake and, if needed either apply a moisturiser or spritz with a water / conditioner mix spray to refresh curls.
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    TY so much for your feedback. I did finger comb her hair with water mixed with KKKT and I put the Deva One Conditioner in her hair prior to combing. I also used the Deva No comb detangler on the ends.

    This morning her hair was pretty good. I spent about 15 minutes finger combing the ends, putting in gel and styling it. If that is the norm, then I think it will work out for us. I only finger combed again this morning because I wasn't 100% sure that I got it all last night due to having to make dinner.

    So far so good. Now I just have to get my other daughter's hair done (I haven't been able to get hers done from start to finish, only sections at a time, but that's what the weekend is for!!!) I think her hair will derive the most benefit and stay in longer because her hair has a much tighter coil.

    Now I bought some flax seed and I plan on making a plain gel today. I'll wait on extracts and the like until I see how the FSG works on their hair. My youngest daughter is protein sensitive. Will the FSG work on her hair, or should I use is on just my older daughter? I usually use the KKCC on my younger daughter's hair, but I was looking to save some money.
    So if anyone has some CG gel recommendations or finishing stylers, I'd greatly appreciate it.

    TIA for your assistance. I feel like we're on the right track and just need some final pieces put in place to make this work for us in the long term.


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