Product junkie/ coming up empty :(

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Hey loves , okay soooo here's my hair and honestly I like the products I use currently I co-wash with GUD vanilla conditioner mixed with V05 tea therapy conditioner (so it last) I scrub,scrub,scrub my scalp rinse Then coat my hair with Shea moisture conditioner , then I turn the water to cold Rinse my hair half way threw scrunch upward the excesses water get a Tshirt and scrunch a little more (if needed) I section my damp hair apply Shea moisture thickening growth milk (sometimes a quarter sized amount to each section of the curl enhancing smoothie, but not in the pic) and jojoba oil or sweet almond oil to my ends (dime size of both in this pic) scrunch and let air dry ;) I haven't used gel in my hair for years, I don't mind gel but I want
A soft full curl. I guess I've been looking for a product or technique to make my hair fluffy. I was thinking about buying a hair pick right now I've seen a lot of YouTube girls get volume in the hair that way or some slightly tease (I don't like teased hair on me personally) so this is my little hair dilemma at the moment I don't really use too much product at all I just think my type of curls are long and maybe too heavy to fluff up so a pick it is at the moment , How do you all get big fluffy curls ?

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