Deva cut for a 9 year old???? Long SORRY!

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Okay my daughter has been going to the same stylist for about 3 years. She is not a Deva stylist, nor a specialist in curly hair, but she is a great stylist and a super sweet lady. My daughter has 3c/4A hair that is shoulder length. It normally takes about 2.5 hours to get her hair cut because my little girl always wants her hair straightened afterwards. This is done with a flat iron and hair dryer, no chemicals or anything. Her hair is all one length without any layers at all. At her last appt in October she got bangs, but this time when her stylist tried to straighten the hair, she only did a small section and said she didn't want to do it because my daughters hair seemed really dry and she thought she would damage it. She said that the hair was burning and said the texture of her hair was most likely changing due to hormones.

So fast forward to January 2014 and I've noticed that her hair is getting soooooooo dry. It snaps when I comb it with a detangling comb and it used to take only about 20 minutes from start to finish to comb now takes about 40 minutes. It also seems like it used to stay detangled for at least a day or so, now it is almost instantly tangles after I've combed through a section.

She washes her hair twice a week, sometimes only once. It never looks dirty at all! (I'm now wondering if the problem is the Miss Jessie stuff I bought???) I wet her hair down every morning and use KKKT to detangle and then a little KKCC on her bangs.

But this is not working for us any more. I have three children and my older daughter is also 3B beyond shoulder length hair and we just cannot get up any earlier, get both heads done, and make it to school on time.

So I said, let's try something new. I called around and saw a Deva stylist. I was willing to shell out the $85 for a Deva cut, but the part time receptionist was a moron and only scheduled 30 for a cut. So I rescheduled the appoint for two weeks from now. I left with the Deva One Conditioner and the Deva No Comb detangler and strict instructions from the stylist to NEVER, ever comb or brush the hair but to finger comb.

It's too soon to know if this is working. The finger combing takes a long time and I'm having to do it daily which is very time consuming. I'm betting it will get easier with time. But I'm wondering if I should be spending that much money on one cut (I'm a SAHM so this will totally kill the grocery budget) because she really only ever wants to wear her hair in a ponytail.
So if anyone has any advice regarding the Deva cut, please let me know.

TY!!! (Sorry so long. I'm a SAHM so I need a place to talk to adults!!!!)


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    First thing I would do is clarify and chelate, then check all products for hydrolysed protein and drop that if you find it - the dryness issue may be protein or mineral build up.

    Secondly prevent or reduce tangle formation: lots of a slippy leave in conditioner, protect overnight with a 'pineapple' plus silk/ satin pillowcase or sleeping cap, only super gentle secures, mix up the styles to prevent damage in one spot.

    Stop detangling daily, curly hair is not supposed to be tangle free and smooth, it is the nature of the beast. Many find the less they comb the less they need to comb. Only detangle when dripping wet and slathered in a slippy conditioner, not damp and not dry. Many wavies and curlies only detangle once or twice a week when in the shower.
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    May I ask what you wash her hair with? If the shampoo has sulfates it could be what's drying it out. I would check the ingredients & change brands. If the ingredients are fine the dryness could be from her hair being washed too often. Have you tried washing every 2 weeks instead? And try deep conditioning her hair for added moisture and elasticity.
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    All of this is great advice. Also, maybe start getting her in the routine of caring for her hair herself! 😊
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    After claryfying I would ditch the MJ for awhile and try CG. by wash do you mean shampoo or cowash? I shampoo once a week and cowash in between. Even with that I have to spriitzmy hair with water everday. I usually do it before wrapping my hairin a scarf and, going to bed.
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    Try using a denman brush in the shower while hair is soaking wet with water & conditioner. It stays surprisingly detangled & the brush is actually easier to get through the hair than anything else. Finger detangling is nice but very unrealistic, IMHO.
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    Hi, it seems that you don't have a good routine to care for the moisture that she has being lossing over every wash and flat ironing. My daughter has the same type of hair as yours. My advice is to wash once a week and do some ponytale or braids for sleeping and every morning you just aply some spray I do (water+conditioner+oil) or leave-in conditioner for styling and she will be good to go in 5min. but remember that her hair is hungry for moisture and once a week do some deep conditioning.
    Another great advice I learnt that less manipulation actually improves the health and growth. When styling or even combing/brushing we are breaking alot of hair and even daily friction on clothes can remove the moisture making the hair vulnerable to damage and frizz.
    When it comes to curly hair I have learnt that less is more.By treating it gently and leaving it be its best makes a huge difference.

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