Frizzy & Puffy Roots

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My roots are really frizzy and puffy. And my curls are really thin stringy and curly. My curls are the width of a pencil and they are loose and curly not really kinky . Is there anyway to get thicker curls or have mine clump cause I can't find a way ? ImageUploadedByCurlTalk1389132907.398960.jpgImageUploadedByCurlTalk1389132935.994325.jpg


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    What are your hair properties? Also what products are you currently using (for shampooing / conditioning / leave-in / styling)? The right products are key to achieving certain looks!
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    Frizzy, puffy roots are generally the sign of one or two things--new growth and/or breakage. We all shed and have new growth. The shorter hair "sticks up" until it gets long enough to blend in with the rest of your hair. If you have breakage in addition to that, you need to start doing something to stop that.

    The best way to choose ingredients/products is by hair properties. Here's a link to help you determine yours Curly Hair Basics | Live Curly Live Free Once you know your properties, you can look for others with similar hair and see what they use. It's a good place to start.

    It looks like your hair is fairly dense until you get to the ends. You probably need to start with a good cut and shaping and keep it up with regular trims. When hair is stringy like that, I assume that there's some breakage. Then, you need to pamper your hair and do regular treatments until you get it into really good shape.
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    I agree about the haircut/shaping. I went to a salon and my roots really sprang back after they trimmed my hair (3 inches off). If you have finer hair, the weight could be pulling the texture of your roots out.

    Whether frizzy roots are the natural state of your hair, or if there is another issue, below are some things that have worked for me. I am 4a, so you can take this advice with that in mind. When I posted about frizzy/non-clumping roots some years ago, I got suggestions about protein, potentially hormone related, breakage etc. It was not the natural state of my hair, but I experienced it while my hair was colored and then again as my hair got longer (without any chemical color in my hair).

    Some things that helped were making sure I had a good moisture/protein balance in my hair. My roots are usually either mushy or dry when they are frizzy. I use protein when they feel mushy, and moisture when they feel dry. Take a look at your products. Are they providing you with enough moisture? Do any contain humectants, which affect how moisture binds to your hair (i.e. glycerin, propylene glycol, honey, sometimes aloe vera)? I only use glycerin-free stylers to keep my hair clumped and frizz free. I also base all my stylers with a butter (i.e. shea butter or sophia's hair grease) to increase clumping. I would start with clarifying and doing a deep protein/moisture treatment to have a clean slate. I also encourage you to seal all of your hair after a leave-in and before you add a styler.

    Some other changes I made were applying all products (i.e. conditioner) to my roots first, saturating them and making sure that I do sections so every hair strand gets moisture. I am not sure if you do wash n' gos (I do wet buns once or twice a month) but I make sure my hair gets water constantly and roots get wet at least every 4-5 days in those particular styles.
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    I too was experiencing the same issue. I had very stringy curls, it would frizz and drove me crazy. I recently got a good cut and started finger detangling, applying my products in the shower and using a microfiber towel to dry it (scrunching it not rubbing it). You wouldn't believe the difference it has made on my hair. I'm sure these ladies can give better advice as far as the properties of your hair and the ingredients you may want to avoid but just making those small changes for me really helped.
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    I started out with fuzzy roots too. Drove me nuts because my mom would always point them out. :mrgreen:

    I have found it helpful to use a bit of oil to smooth down the roots when you hair is dry (I use jojoba oil). Also, when you are applying conditioner, make sure you are conditioning your entire head and not just your mid section and ends. The order in which you rinse out your conditioner matters too; with curly hair the top of your head should be the last place you rinse. (Quoted from "Curly Girl")
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    Another thing that has helped me in battling frizzy roots is applying plenty of conditioner to my roots. This morning I spent a little extra time focusing on my problem areas (top of head and back of head), I parted my hair so I could more easily massage the hair and work the conditioner into those "dry/coarse" areas. I think it really helped. :thumbleft:
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    I had this problem as well a few years ago (fluffy roots and thin curls). I assumed it was the natural state of my hair so I never bothered trying to fix it (I found styling techniques to mask it instead). But after following the CG method for a month or so the problem went away. My hair curls and clumps from root to tip fairly uniformly. For me it was a moisture issue (at that time). I noticed a few months ago after using henna for a while that my roots were getting fluffy again and my hair was limp and not really curling. I figured out that the Henna was contributing to my hair being over conditioned and I had too much moisture and not enough protein. I added regular protein treatments to my weekly routine and the problem was resolved.

    So what I have found is that in my case fluffy roots are related to not maintaining the proper moisture protein balance. Based on that I would suggest starting with a mini trim like a few of the other ladies have mentioned and then working on seeing what your hair needs (more moisture or more protein). HTH:)
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