Recipe for Nail Drying Drops

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Ok I love beauty stuff but I hate the prices! I also run an art club at my middle school and the girls are crazy for nail art... sadly after school we have 40 minutes for them to paint and DRY! so I played chemist over the holiday break and found a way to make quick dry drops for the gals at school totally cheap. (I used to use the spray but when 20 girls use it if gets disgusting!)

Here goes-
2 parts Rubbing Alcohol- I had 70 % you could use 91% as well.
1 part Silicone hair serum. (we all have some left over ) I used Biotera exotic oil which I got free at Sally's when I bought my hair gel. I think you could use Vit E oil as most of the drops sprays on market have Tocopheryl Acetate and or a mix of silicones. I figured I would use the hair serum as I have no other use for it other than as a body lotion/ after shave lotion- which works nice!

Remember to wait the 60 seconds and voila your nails are dryer and your hands are moisturized!
Enjoy some thrifty fun gals.


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    Yup, nail drying drops are just silicone. Thanks for the recipe :)