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I posted this in 4A, but I thought I'd try you guys in here too.

I've been trying to grow my hair for three years now. But I've had one set back after another. Finally after switching through a stylist that cut my hair type wet....a disaster it was...I've gotten serious about getting my hair to grow.

I use Ion Shampoo and Conditioner weekly to clean and deep condition. I get my hair cut regularly 6-8 weeks. I maintain twists to keep the moisture in, and when I do fro it I keep it very moisturized. BUT!! I'm always told my hair is too damaged. How how how is that possible with all my diligent work?

What am I doing wrong that causes them to chop off more than I can actually grow? What am I doing wrong? How can I get my hair to grow and add length to the hair that I already have?!

Also, does anyone know anything about the cause of beaded ends?


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    I know very little about caring for 4a hair, but I do know that if you're getting a trim every 6-8 weeks that your hair won't ever get any longer. Coming from my white girl point of view, I'd say try not getting a trim for 3-4 months and see how it looks.

    Personally I think hairdressers have a conspiracy going with the 6-8 week trims, that way you keep coming in and paying for haircuts (no offense to any hairdressers present). If you're keeping good care of your hair it probably isn't damaged. Maybe try a new stylist and see if they think your hair is damaged as well?
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    I agree with Teela on the trims. If you take great care of your hair, then you don't need to trim it that often, because you're not causing damage to it. (I'm also not a 4a; I'm a 3b)
    Beaded ends are usually caused by dryness. Since you're trying to grow your hair, I would add more moisture. If there is anyone you know with similar type of hair, ask how she takes care of it. Also, I would invest in a conditioner like [buylink=http://www.curlmart.com/Jessicurl-Too-Shea-Extra-Moisturizing-Conditioner-p-105.html?utm_source=naturallycurly.com&utm_medium=text-link&utm_content=curltalk-post-text&utm_campaign=jessicurl-too-shea-extra-moisturizing-conditioner]Jessicurl's Too Shea[/buylink] for deep conditioning. If that is too expensive, then I would use olive oil along with rosemary essential oil as DT. Also leave a little oil (only natural oils) such as almond or grapeseed on the ends of hair as it dries or on dry hair before bedtime. This should help with the beaded ends. Also, do you flat iron your hair? If you do, then switch to roller sets or hot rollers. Hope this helps.
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    if you're conditioning and taking good care of your hair and not using heat i don't see how it could be so damaged that it requires a major cut. maybe you should seek a different stylist. also do they understand that you want to grow your hair out and not keep it short. many of us 4's like to keep a short cut so they need to know that is not your goal. after cutting my locs i was thinking i had to cut every 6-8 weeks but was told by several stylist that is NOT necessary and as the others mentioned it'll take forever for growth to show. a good stylist told me every 3 months. so far so good. i don't comb my hair daily. i use my fingers to style and i don't have knots on the ends. i do the no-poo thing and i'm diligent about applying a leave in daily. you might also want to take biotin. it is supposed to help with hair growth. i use it and i do think it helps.
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    I haven't cut my hair since Jan.1997 and it's been growing thick and long and I'm on alot of meds. I take Biotin,MSM,Fish Oil,Centrum and Flaxseed Oil,and I drink Noni juice everyday.Personally,if your hair is in good shape,I don't see where you have to trim or cut it.I use a leave-in conditioner and curl activator gel for my 3C hair,and it stays moisturized.HTH :D
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    I was listening to my stylist when I first BCed, but after that last cut I decided to let my hair grow until I felt like I needed a trim. It has been 4 months and when I detangled my hair this past weekend intending to trim it, I saw perfectly even and healthy ends. As a reformed relaxer-abuser, you know I was in shock! :o

    ITA with what everyone else has been saying. If you are taking care of your hair and not using heat or abusive styling, there is no reason you should need a trim every 6 weeks. Also, you may want to pull your hair straight just to show yourself that it may be growing more than you think. I have 4a hair that, after being styled, looks like it hasn't grown in months, but when I pull it (hold a strand up) I can see how much it has.

    Good luck!
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    unlike everyone else, i NEED my trims. if i let it go past 6 weeks, the ends are so split that i end up getting a lot more cut off than i had anticipated. my strands are very fine so maybe thats why, because i take great care of my hair. and my stylist is also my sister and she knows im not paying for a trim!! i get the family "discount" :wink:
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    Try using a silk cap before going to bed. If I don't use one before going to bed I notice the split ends alot quicker. I maintains my hair do much longer too.

    I cut my hair twice a year and I have to agree with everybody else. I would never cut my hair every 6-8 weeks. If you cut off an inch you just cut off exactly what your hair grew.
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    Do you have fine hair strands? My individual hairs are fine, but abundant. And my hair is primarily 4a penspring size coils. I get lots of tangling if I don't sleep with my hair in pigtails with my satin bonnet on (yes, I'm very sexy when I go to bed :lol: ). I detangle in the shower every two or three days.

    Also, my hair was braided for 5 years, and I didn't take very good care of it during this time. I still get split ends, so I usually wind up trimming my own hair about 1/4 inch every two or three months. Is it possible for you to do your own split ends check and trim your own hair?

    Lastly, I am taking GNC Ultra Nourishair vitamins and a gelatin supplement. There is a distinct difference between my hair that was subjected to the braids and my 'new' hair. My hair is growing faster and in perfect coils. The ends of my hair are not as perfect. Are you taking supplements?

    Hope this helps! :)

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    Well to start off, Ion does nothing for my hair and i'm a 4B. i only use the shampoo for chlorine if i go swimming.

    i suggest trying more natural products. MyHoneyChild and Curl Junkie are good products. There are great reviews in the other forums.

    And maybe you should wait a little bit longer between trimes.
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    I agree with the other posters about the "trim" conspiracy. I have 3C-4A hair and I RARELY get my hair trimmed. I'm so thankful for the growth that I don't want to lose it by getting it cut. I follow the CG routine (aka no shampoo); I use Pantene's "Hydrating Curls" (for the moisture benefits) and Pantene's "Relaxed & Natural" (for the oils) conditioners mixed together and I don't have any problems with knots on the ends of my hair that would cause me to need a trim. I gently run my fingers through it in the shower to keep it from tangling.

    Just let your hair grow without periodically cutting it and enjoy the length. Hope that helps!
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    Another trim conspiricy believer. On a long hair board one woman told how when she went through beauty school, a guy with very long healthy hair came in and asked just for about 1/2 inch trim, so she did. And when the teacher came around to check the work, the teacher picked up the scissors and chopped of about 6 inches, claiming it was damaged. The guy was not happy.

    There are some salons/stylists that are long hair friendly. And a few that specialize in long hair, that will only trim off what needs to be done.

    Have you ever heard of search and distroy missions? (S&D for short). I wouldn't recommend doing it if you need to go out later just to warn you. What you do, is you take small sections of your hair and twist it, smooth your fingers through it like a press, whatever, and cut off the individual split ends and the white dots. It really can do wonders for lessening the need for trims. It can be lengthy though, I always just do it in sections, and I keep a pair of scissors next to my chair so if I see one I can cut it real quick.

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