Beaded Ends

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I'm having a similar problem as JuJu in here. I have been using Ion brand Shampoo and Conditioner weekly to clean and deep condition my hair. I get my hair trimmed regularly about 6-8 weeks. But, every time I go to the salon I'm told that my hair is damaged--even though I've taken the best care of it that I can! I've maintained twists, and when I fro it I make sure the ends are plenty moisturized.

The hairdresser said that my ends tend to bead up on the end...which I have no idea what that's about.

My question is what am I doing wrong?! How can I get it to grow and actually add length instead of chopping off what hair I do have?!


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    Those "beads" are knots. It comes with the territory. I get them too, and my hair is pretty healthy(good elasticity, minimal sheddage, nromal growth).

    The hair pretty much wraps itself around other individual strands to the point where when pulled or manipulated, it becomes a knot. Some people experience it more than others. It can become damaged if the knot stays there for a long time, because it can cause the hair to split where the knot is. It's better to cut them when found. You can do this by dusting the ends. Basically, do a knot check, and when you find them, cut them off.

    The only way(s) to prevent them is by either wearing your hair straight, or utilizing protective styling that limits the hair being worn out(or limits the possibility of the strands wrapping themselves around each other). It's when the hair is worn out when you tend to experience more of the knots. Atleast, that's been my experience.

    Also, by detangling more frequently. I detangle atleast 2-3 times a week. Any longer, and I have MAJOR problems to deal with.

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    i have also noticed that when i play with my hair and pull the coils that this seems to happen. i thought that i must be going crazy b/c i was thinking that i needed to straighten my hair, which i guess still is an option. i also detangle my hair daily to avoid this.
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