Softening scab hair?

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I've watched videos and read articles about scab hair and they basically all say to keep it moisturized. No problem for me since my hair is already dry and moisturizing is always a top priority. I'm just wondering if aloe vera juice will do the trick. I've heard that it keeps hair soft and shiny so maybe it can be a temporary fix. I have a patch right in the middle of my head. It's not huge, only about an inch and a half in diameter if that makes sense, but it's terrible when it's wet and even worse when it's straight. It's almost wavy when wet but still dry, rough, and puffy. I washed my hair and blow dried using a round brush making all my natural hair feel like I just got a relaxer except for the scab hair that was wavy and crunchy and wiry when I straightened it. It felt like steel wool, I swear. Does it grow out or is the whole hair strand damaged forever? Help! Please!!!


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    It grows out.

    Not only will your hair change with transitioning it will change with age and health. So don't stress how your hair feels now as it's temporary.

    Also if your hair can take it and you have time try pre-pooing overnight with coconut oil. You don't need loads for it to have an effect.
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