healthy workout¿¿¿??

curlyheadcurlyhead Posts: 40Registered Users
to start off, im 13 and im not overweight or anything, im just not fit and i would like to be. i dont want to get a six pack or any type of pack and i dont want to get those "buldges" on my arms.. i just want to be healthy and fit. what would be some good workouts that i could do possibly daily or weekly that would strengthen specifically legs and abs?




  • MegaraMegara Posts: 424Registered Users
    I like doing crunches on one of those big exercize balls. Those work really well. I also did the Windsor Pilates tapes for a long time, and I love those. Those would be my best recs. HTH.

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    I power walk or jog 5 to 6 days a week for 30 min. I also do crunches on on my stability ball and reverse crunches for my abs.
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