Best Drugstore Mascara?

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I'm looking for something new, and I want it ALL ladies! I want lashes that are full, soft, REALLY long, and waterproof. I purchase my mascara at the drugstore, because I figure that that means that I can splurge on my other makeup products. (Yes, I like to rationalize!) Anyway, any recs?
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  • rouquinnerouquinne Registered Users Posts: 13,737 Curl Connoisseur
    Maybelline Wonder Curl

    i LOVE the stuff! thank heaven i still have 5 tubes left - they discontinued it in Canada and i'll have to head south of the border when i run out! :(
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  • CGNYCCGNYC Registered Users Posts: 4,938 Curl Connoisseur
    Lash Discovery - anyone remember who makes it?

    I've been using it for a while and I'm pleased with it.
  • rouquinnerouquinne Registered Users Posts: 13,737 Curl Connoisseur
    Lash Discovery is also by Maybelline.
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    Roquinne - queen of ALL cosmetics - not just her beloved MAC :D
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  • rouquinnerouquinne Registered Users Posts: 13,737 Curl Connoisseur
    i'm a junkie.

    i admit it!


    but i ain't gonna do no 12-step program for it!

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    Not waterproof-- but I think "water resistant"-- my absolute fav mascara of all times:
    Max Factor 2000 Calorie
    2a/3a, who knows? waves and spirals, shoulder-length and layered, fine and thin.
  • corkscrewedcorkscrewed Registered Users Posts: 34
    Lash Discovery is my favorite. They make a waterproof forumla, but I use the regular.
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    I use Maybelline mascara, I can't remember the name but it's in the pink and green tube. Highly reccommended.
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  • SuZenSuZen Registered Users Posts: 1,595
    I like Cover Girl Triple Mascara. My lashes are sparse, short and blond. This mascara takes care of all three. But if your lashes are already thick and/or long, this will be overkill!
  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,060 Administrator
    just purchased this yesterday - Max Factor Stretch and Separate Waterproof.

    OMG - it's the one. It looks almost like I naturally have long feathery lashes. No need for an eyelash curler, and my eyelashes looked pretty much like the ad.
  • pots&panspots&pans Registered Users Posts: 2
    Maybelline Full & Soft WP
    Maybelline Volum Express WP
    Max Factor S&S
    CG Fantastic Lash

    And for the best mascara of all time, but not WP: CG Super Thick Lash. Total HG; I love it. :D
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  • jdaveyjsgirljdaveyjsgirl Registered Users Posts: 4
    I have tried so many mascaras and I continue to go back to featherlash I think it is loreal- believe me- I have spent so much money looking for the best one and this is the best so far- before that I also liked volum' -fat tube, can't remember brand, but I liked the old version- the new 5x stuff was too much and I would have to wipe the brush off then apply- if you find your mascara is too thick, that is the best thing I have found to do, it just seems wasteful to wipe all the mascara off the brush first, and with featherlash I don't have to.
  • futurehopefuturehope Registered Users Posts: 40
    Definately Max Factor 2000 Calorie. Not water-proof, but acts like it.
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  • ~915~~915~ Registered Users Posts: 519
    My new love is Max Factor Lash Perfection. Love it, love it, love it.
  • Way WavyWay Wavy Registered Users Posts: 117
    I'm currently enjoying the waterproof version of Maybelline Sky High Curves. It's long-lasting, doesn't flake and irritate my contacts, and produces lots of length, which is what I'm after. It doesn't curl my lashes (none of the mascaras I've tried that claim to do this have), but it holds the curl I create with my beloved Shu Uemura eyelash curler.

    I'm constantly on The Quest, though...Most recently, I tried Bobbi Brown's No Smudge (the new waterproof version of her Everything mascara). It performed well enough, but not as well as the SHC.

    I saw this bit of mascara history in The NY Times today:

    The modern era of mascara is believed to have begun in 1913 when a chemist named Thomas Williams concocted for his sister Mabel a lash coating made out of Vaseline and coal dust; the product led to the founding of Maybelline.

    The luxuriant lash helped the fortunes of several well-known cosmetics houses. In 1914, Max Factor, a makeup artist who worked on movie sets, invented a wax eyelash crayon that had to be heated before it could be dripped on. In 1917, Maybelline made putting on one’s face a little easier with mascara that came in a dry cake; women applied it with a damp brush.

    Helena Rubinstein introduced fluid mascara packaged in a tube with a wand applicator in 1957. Maybelline Great Lash, the perennial drugstore favorite in the hot-pink cylinder, appeared in 1971.
  • SuZenSuZen Registered Users Posts: 1,595
    My mother used cake Maybelline cake mascara for years. She was not the type to try new cosmetics!
  • lalapixielalapixie Registered Users Posts: 242
    max factor 2000 calorie
    violently happy
  • liv2dance4liv2dance4 Registered Users Posts: 129
    I'm not used to buying drugstore Mascara - I 've gone from Clinique to Prescriptives to Smashbox (best one by far!!) But I've heard so many rave reviews for Cover Girl Lash Exact- its new- so I bought it and I'm actually really liking it a lot. If you want clump free lashes with lots of length and separation- its great - but its not soft at all -its stays put and doesn't flake- and needs a little bit of elbow grease to remove.
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  • SuZenSuZen Registered Users Posts: 1,595
    Lash Exact is very good, especially for those who tend to have a clumping problem.

    I have miserable lashes -- short, sparse and blond. I need something that really amps them up. My current favorite is Almay Triple Effect. Warning: someone whose lashes are already thick will get spider lashes from this one.
  • ScarletScarlet Registered Users Posts: 3,125 Curl Neophyte
    I swear by Max Factor's 2000 Calorie.
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  • SmallFrySmallFry Registered Users Posts: 614
    my personal faves
    1 L'Oreal Voluminous
    2 CG Fantastic Lash
    3 CG Super Thick Lash
    Lotsa 3c curls
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  • ariesxtremeariesxtreme Registered Users Posts: 123
    For a drugstore brand I like Rimmel Lengthening.
  • godgivenpermgodgivenperm Registered Users Posts: 678
    I just bought Max Factor Lash Perfection and it ROCKS! Goes on easily, makes the lashes look great, and does NOT smear as you go through the day. Great stuff.
    No more PJ tendencies. Tigi Curls Rock Curl Amplifier is the best thing to make my curls rock all day! Next best are KCCC and Re:Coil +HE TT Gel.
  • jeepcurlygurljeepcurlygurl Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Posts: 20,730 Curl Virtuoso
    Covergirl Marathon mascara. I haven't found one that is more waterproof than this. And it's usually less than $5. Been using it for about 30 years.
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