straggles, straight bits, ringlet ends...give me strength!

My hair is driving me potty! Whilst the bottom three inches or so go into lovely ringlets, all the top 'canopy' has started to hang just like straggly rats tails and frizzes like mad - the back is wavy and my fridge (bangs left over from straight days) plus two bits just in front of my ears are straight straight straight!

What can I do about my straight / wavy bits, and get them to curl into ringlets like the lovely bottoms?

Also - has any one else found that years of straightening (not chemical, but with some serious heated hair straighteners!) has actually caused some of their curls to disappear - this is the only thing I can think has happened on my fringe - will they come back??!??

My problems are a zillion times worse on second day hair, which means I'm co-washing every day - is this bad for my hair?

I'm little miss straggly at the moment - aaarggghhh!

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    I just started CG like a little over a month ago and I co wash every day with confidence. Since I am no longer using silicones or shampoos I feel like every day my hair looks even better than the day before. Shinier, healthier and my curls are becoming more defined. I wouldn't worry about co washing everyday because you are not stripping your hair of it's oils, and if you are not feeling dirty scalp then it is OK no?
    Every once in a while it is a little "off" but never as bad as it was before I started CG.
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