Build up from water in another area?

I just got home from Florida and my hair feels like it has a film on it. My normal summer gel couldn't beat the humidity there either. I'm wondering if I had insta-build up from the water (I have a shower filter). Is that possible? If so, do I need to use a sulfate? Thanks, everyone!


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    Florida has really hard water. If there wasn't a filter where you stayed, you want to chelate. Look for a product with EDTA (CJ Daily Fix is one) or some other chelating ingredient.
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    I live in FL. I use Kinky Curly Come Clean, diluted 2:1 ratio distilled or filtered water to shampoo and it removes the minerals without stripping my hair.

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    Not sure what chelate is, but I feel better knowing that I'm not crazy! I'm going to use a low poo to start and if that doesn't work I'll try one of your ideas. Thank you!
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    Chelate is remove mineral build up from hard water or chlorine from swimming. Sulphates clarify, that is remove product build up.

    To effectively chelate you want a product with two or three chelating agents, at the right concentrations. Any old product containing EDTA won't cut it.
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    Any recommendations for a product with more than one chelating agent that is sulfate free? Low poo didn't cut feels straw like after I low pooed and used GVP conditioning balm. I have fine 2c/3a hair if that helps. No chemical treatments...not even color.
  • DCWavyLadyDCWavyLady Posts: 373Registered Users that is available in a drugstore preferably, but I'll buy online if I have to.

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