Transitioning with braids

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I've recently began my transition (last texturizer in October) and have decided to go natural. I want to transition with braids because I've tried transitioning with heat which only lasted 11 months. I have noticed recently that I do have split ends and require a trim. Would it be a good idea to put braids in after trimming my ends? I did also receive a protein treatment about 2-3 weeks ago. I plan on washing my hair, deep conditioning with ORS replenishing conditioner or doing a treatment with Carol's Daughter hair mask then trimming my ends? Would this be a good idea?



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    Get you hair trimmed before having the braids put in. If you don't you risk the splits travelling up the hair shaft.

    Also when you get your braids put in don't allow the braider to braid the short hairs at the edges of your hair. Tell them that you simply don't want it even if they say it will make your style look neater. Otherwise you risk suffering from traction alopecia which can be permanent. You can use gel/oil or simply just pushing your hair back with your fingers to make your style look neater.

    Finally if the braider is doing your braids too tight and you have already told them to not to, just get up and leave even if only a few braids are done. Lots of braiders don't care for the health of the hair.

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