Braid-out help!

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I hope you guys don't mind; I'm actually a Type 3 but I don't think too many of us do twist/braid-outs so I got a bunch of views on this but no responses:

Today is my first attempt at a braid-out.
This is my normal routine plus what I did for the style:

Friday night I pre-pooed overnight with coconut oil. I finger detangled this week (still need work on that technique lol).

Saturday night I co-washed with Tresseme Naturals (I also have a dye bottle with conditioner, water and tea tree oil that I apply directly to my scalp to battle dryness and flakes). I then DCed with Shea Moisture Raw Shea Deep Treatment Masque for about an hour. After rinsing, I moisturized using the LOC method: Giovanni Direct Leave In, EVOO, and 100% Pure Unrefined African Shea Butter. I put it in a bun and left it alone until Sunday night.

Sunday night I put my hair into 5 French braids with flexi-rods at the ends. I added a little Olive Oil Eco-Styler for hold.

This is the result. I don't hate it. I did notice that I have about 2 more inches of shrinkage and my roots, since I didn't pull the braids very tight, are still my natural curl pattern. Any tips from other Type 3 curlies who do braid-outs??


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    I do braidouts a lot on second day hair and on. For me it doesn't work on freshly washed hair and. Only works for me on damp hair. Did you spritz before you braided? I spritz my hand then apply to the section to keep my hair from becoming too wet. I smooth though with either fingers or denman. Maybe apply some curl cream if I think I need more product. Also the size of the braids makes a difference in the look. I like medium size. Too small makes it hard to take down. . You shouldnt braid to the very end. Twist ends then make a twirl with your finger. Naptural85 videos helped me. She is my hair twin except for porosity.
    Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it. :wav:
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    Technically it was second day hair lol.. By Sunday it was dry at the roots and damp throughout the lengths.. My hair is low porosity so I have to be very careful to give it enough time to thoroughly dry..
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    I also have lp. I have to dry my hair then reintroduce a controlled amount of water back into my hair as I braid each section. That is why I spritz my hand then rub onto my hair. if I wet my hair too much it won't dry well inside the braids. I do however directly spritz and seal the ends. It's the same method that Nap85 uses.
    Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it. :wav:
  • lovebonitalovebonita Registered Users Posts: 134
    Thanks for your help!

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